New set of “Playstation the Best” games revealed for PS3 and PSP

A new batch of “Playstation the Best” titles has been revealed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the Playstation 3 and PSP systems.

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guitarded772296d ago

Is No More Heroes Red Zone the same as NMH Paradise, or is it a different game not released in the West?

Dark_Overlord2296d ago

Same game, but the Jap version is censored :)

IAmLee2296d ago

nothing really spectacular there.

ScubbaSteve2296d ago

They should release a "the best" jp version of Vesperia and then just subtly add some English subtitles. That might get around any contract they have with Microsoft to not publish the game in NA.

Cosmo8112296d ago

I would pay extra money to NOT have that godawful "the best" border around the game. original boxart please

Dark_Overlord2296d ago

That's why I've never bought a platinum range (what they're called in the UK) game, the boxes are FUGLY