Blu-ray installed 'purely from a game design point of view'.

The guys over at GamePro were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with SCEE's main man Phil Harrison following a successful Tokyo Game Show for Sony this past weekend.

Harrison noted that there has been a significant improvement in the numerous PS3 games which were on show at TGS, but also stresses that the company is far from resting on its laurels, telling the interviewer: "…we've got a long way to go. I don't want anyone to walk out of here thinking that these games are 'it'. We're still tuning, improving, tweaking performance."

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D R Fz5844d ago

"i agree. Sony actually listens to their fans as well. Many were complaining about the double HDMI and whining about it so they got rid of it. Then some people started to whine about that, that sony promised us 2 HDMI when in fact, they were the ones who didnt want it. And now we have 2 HDMI outputs on the 60Gb model and 1 HDMI output on the 20Gb model which is a perfect solution if your company plans on releasing 2 SKU's

i also started wondering if phil harrison reads this forum

i was also glad to hear that the studios share technology, i believe it will help every company alot and will make the games much much better"
- by A gamer

What do you think?

D3acon5844d ago

It seems every time I come to this forum the number of pre teens seems to increase. Maybe to shed some light on the subject of blu ray and hd dvd.
It is inevitable that extra storage is needed history proves that, from cartridges, to cds, to dvds the developers will more than use the space.

Sony is killing two birds with one stone, the storage they need for games and a hd player, so I would really like to hear more than "Sony is pushing this new format down our throats." Sony is a corporation, so stop acting new.

The interview was informative and Phil answered most of my questions. He even answers your question about the inclusion of blu-ray and all you say is "he's lieing." You people are really contemptible, you would rather believe rumors, that have been proven wrong, then believe any statement made from the head of the company. They release a truly next generation console with components that may become the standard in the future so that you can be prepared and you whine. You say its too expensive even though they told you it would be the most expensive gaming machine two years ago. They show the potential of the ps3 and you bash it. There is no pleasing the few of you and its sad, because I can see the direction Sony is headed in and most that have chosen to purchase the ps3 can too.

eques judicii5844d ago

i'm beginning to think that sony has no idea what its doing.... If the ps3 overheats playing ridgeracer on one display... how is it going to work on 2? anyhow, I also think its transparent that the bluray drive was not just installed for the gamers but because they want to push "their" format.

PS... if they are changing the models again then obviously they haven't begun manufacturing the system... I don't see how they get half a million made by november 17th

TheMART5844d ago

Sony is trying to attract anyone they can to sell the PS3 to. With promissing the impossible even.

And then the makers of Resistance do lame programmming, need 22 GB where it could fit on a DL-DVD... Are they paid by Sony just to get the BR to be positive over it!

Scythesean5844d ago

why should they care if it can fit on a DL-DVD when they have plenty of room on the blu-ray? You need to quit crying about every little thing. My god do you need a baby bottle or something to stop you from crying?

Also you always say that you want proof that this are like people say. Then I want Proof from you that "the makers of Resistance do lame programmming".

Prove it and not just your words I want a Link to a legit site saying that they are lame programers and if you can't provide a link to back up yourself then please stfu!

lalaland5844d ago

I don't think you can call the usage of all of a platforms forces as lame programming. Ofcourse they make use of the extra space available. They don't need to share textures or geometry between levels, giving the level designers absolute freedom.

If they had designed the game for the X360, they would probably have thought more about how to reuse art assets. Let's not forget what they were able to do with PS2.

kmis875844d ago

I've owned and played every game they've made and I've enjoyed all of them. The Ratchet games were some of my favorite for ps2. Calling them lame programmers isn't warranted.

LostSoul5844d ago

The only reason blu-ray is in the ps3 is because they can't seem to sell the stand alone blu-ray players. Because the are double the price of HD-DVD and look half as good, sounds like a good deal to me NOT!!! And for the 22gb RFOM, they have to be sloppy programmers or they have a bunch of useless crap on the disc, 9gb is plenty for a high rez game, if you don't think so ask EPIC!!!

Scythesean5844d ago

Again I ask you to prove it why they are sloppy programers? Not just because you think you are right I want someone that might not be a 12 year old kid that just hates sony to tell me this.

Link Please!

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