Gamer Theory 3 - What Does It Mean To Die [In Video Games]?

The POW Block said: "Sometimes I feel really f***ing smart, and sometimes I feel really f***ing stupid. I'm in the latter mode currently, because I have been musing over this concept for awhile: "Who the f*** am I?"

I mean yeah, I'm having a mental breakdown over moving so far away, but it's also more specific to not only "Who am I in games?" but "What does it mean to be me in games?""

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Hitster3034d ago

Death in games really doesn't have much affect on the player. Unless it's a cut-scene death... those are permanent yo.

Instead like, you said, it's more of a slap on the wrist. We learn from it and move on. It would be awesome to see a game, other than Heavy Rain, actually implement a narrative where the player character, or NPCs, can die and it has an impact that the player has to deal with.

from the beach3033d ago

No mention of Steel Battalion's infamous permadeath, save-wipe feature?

In the new one you steadily lose members of your platoon if you fail to act to save them during missions. It's a nice feature which does a good job of making you care about your squad, unlike say Gears of War where they can be revived time and time again and will always be around for the next stage.

3GenGames3033d ago

It means you got out skilled by something, human or otherwise. It means you are inferior. That, people, is why games are not just games. They're a gauge of your intelligence in the situation you're put in.

Hitster3033d ago

For online games the "you got out skilled by something" approach is sort of right, even though a lot of times it just means that someone threw a random grenade and got you.

But in single player games, a death means nothing. You just do it again. In how many games does a death actually mean something emotionally to the player?

TopDudeMan3033d ago

To me, it means learning something so you don't do the same thing again, or it allows you to try a different approach, next time. I see the "game over" "mission failed" or "you died" screen as a chance to take the knowledge you gained from failing and bring it into your next attempt to make it successful.