Images of Bullet Witch

Atari released these images of Bullet Witch, which always is a joy to watch in 720p.

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happygamer5848d ago

graphics seem nice. but its a shooting game. i hope i dont run around and just shoot things. rpg is my type of game.

off topic
why isnt square not putting final fantasy 13 on 360?

TheMART5848d ago

Ah well, we just get a brand new franchise.

Lost Oddyssey is by the big man behind FF series. The only thing is: brand new exclusives seem to be the best things for 360

Gears of War
Viva Piniata
Lost Planet
Blue Dragon

and RPG Lost Oddyssey all seem to be direct hits and there are so many more!

Antan5848d ago

Well 2 out of 6 aint bad.

hamburgerhill5847d ago

Just so you know Sony sucks and so will the PS3! Time will tell so just be ready for it when it happens!

Antan5847d ago

oh ill be ready, i cant wait.............then what happens ?

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LostSoul5848d ago

They are extremely biased toward Americans. Just like all the PS3 fanboy, they are biased big time. Screw FF it wouldn't help the 360 anyways, its a played out franchise. Lost Odyssey is going to be the next big JRPG, it is still atleast a year away from a finished product and it was one of the mast stunning games at TGS.

TheXgamerLive5848d ago

This game is looking pretty awesome. Has great potential. If it requires a little more than just run and gun then it's a serious hit.

happygamer5848d ago

i would love to have final fantasy on 360. there very fun games. im planning on getting a ps3 when price drops but i would love to have that game sooner. mart, that lost cant spell seems like its going to be a great game must by for me. but im one of those few people who bought nnn and i love it.

happygamer5848d ago

but i wouldnt like it much my self.