Sony's Stringer 'obsessed' with 360

Howard Stringer, Sony CEO, admits to having a bit of a thing for Microsoft's next-gen console

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal's 'D: All Things Digital' conference, Sony's CEO Howard Stringer let slip that he's more than a bit preoccupied with Microsoft's Xbox 360.

While talking about the success of Sony's Da Vinci Code movie, Stringer revealed, "It also beat Xbox 3 in Europe in its second weekend", of course meaning to say "X-men 3". Apparently, when his mistake was pointed out, Stringer laughingly replied, "There's an obsession!"

However, as the interview went on, Stringer elaborated on his respect for Microsoft's next-gen console and Bill Gates in particular: "God I walked into that, didn't I [...] Look, the skill of Bill Gates is he's so brilliant at his detail that when he slips in the salesmanship, most of us think: oh my God, he must be right. [...] He talked on the one hand, and I loved it, he talked about Vista [being] delayed as if the delay was normal, and then he started mocking me for delaying PS3."

Advertisement:On a more serious note, Stringer also found time to address the high price of Sony's next-gen console. "It's got more bells and whistles than a 747", Stringer explained. "That Cell processor is extraordinarily powerful and you have nine hours of high definition on the Blu-ray disks alone [...] The reason it's expensive, instead of concentrating on just the games player, which would have been done in the past, PlayStation 3 is designed to go somewhere else, where it's the center of the living room".

It's a slightly more direct response to the question that's been on gamer's lips everywhere. Rather than the usual glib "Well, it's cheap for a Blu-ray player"-type statements we've been hearing from Sony execs recently, Stringer laid his cards down, explaining Sony is keen to reach beyond the traditionally limiting games machine/gamer model. "It's part of the new digital strategy," Stringer continued, "to try and create a new software mentality in Tokyo because it's quite clear that we've been an analog company migrating to digital with some difficulty."

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Debunked: Blowing On Nintendo Game Cartridges Never Worked

We have all been there! Blowing on a Nintendo video game cartridge when the game we were playing just would not launch or appeared to be glitching.

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Neonridr1d ago

I mean it worked for me. Regardless if it was just a poor connection between the cartridge and the console or some random bug that was preventing the game from loading properly, the placebo effect of knowing your breath is what fixed the game is dead set in the minds of plenty of 80s gamers.

wesnytsfs2h ago

Blow on the game and then use something about hte thickness of a deck of cards in my case it a was plastic sport card holder of about 20 cards that would keep the mechnaism all the eway down. Ahh and the famous left to right shuffle hoping the contact would touch.

VenomUK1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Stupid Zoomer tries to debunk a technique used successfully by millions of people over many years.

Look out for they/them’s next article ‘DEBUNKED! Why the Xbox 360 towel trick is all a myth’.

thorstein20h ago

Clearing the dust from inside the cartridge by blowing on it did work.

Perhaps YOU are unfamiliar with how easily dust can disrupt electronics, but entire generations of gamers and computer users are.

Relientk7718h ago

It worked for me and my cartridges. So I refuse to believe it's just a myth

shinoff218315h ago

It definitely works. They can go on and on about how it didn't but I was there for 100s of games. It was pretty damn common.

Wretchedstain6h ago

The salt in your saliva is conductive

romulus232h ago

Pretty sure people were supposed to blow on the cartridge not hawk tuah on it.

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The Price Of AAA Games Would Not Be An Issue If Most Actually Delivered

Many AAA games released in the last few years cost the full premium price but don't deliver nearly half as much quality.

Leeroyw1d 17h ago

You disagree with the premise? How? I haven't played many AAA games recently that gave me a very good gaming experience. Except Indies and AA titles.

YourMommySpoils1d 21h ago

Stellar Blade is the only game that delivered to me this year.