Harada On Fans: 'Pleasing People More Difficult Than It Used To Be'

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has responded to questions about demands from his fans on Twitter, following a rant where he asked them all to grow up. Harada explains that they hard to please, and compares his Twitter fanbase to Capcom's Yoshinori Ono.

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skyward3006d ago

Can't imagine what it must be like to deal with thousands of gamers all the time. Tiring at best?

Dark113006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Yeah i know it is just crazy .. just look at RE fanbase for an example
they keep saying that they want the old RE style but when finally they get RE6 and try the LEON demo .. they keep bitching again and say it is boring and just walk walk walk ..

or even worst like the MGS fanbase , the keep bitching about MGR .. despite the fact that it is just a spin-off and MGS5 will keep the old style.

Feckles3006d ago

Or it's easier to be vocal and get in contact with the people making the games. There was no Twitter when Tekken 3 was released.

Skateboard3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Sooo true these devs hate hearing feedback. How bout give the people what they want and stop Fing them over.

@ Jimmins, You proved my point even more cause Capcom didn't listen at all. This gen was all about the COD crowd and DLC. Hardcore gamers and long time fans of series are on the the very bottom of importance to most of these devs this gen.

"3 games" ? I'm sorry , but wtf are you talking about braaaa ??? Resident Evil 6 is one big action game and has zombies that use guns. Harada can think whatever he wants, but he sounds like a crybaby, take the most voiced opinions from the fanbase and put it in the game while developing.

What people who buy your #### aren't suppose to ask for things they want in the game Harada ? 60 dollars mofo work for it.

jimmins3006d ago

Because we'd have lots of confused games created by committee, designed by people who actually have no idea what they want.

It's that old saying 'you can't please everyone'.

That's why Resident Evil 6 is now 3 games instead of one.

theDECAY3006d ago

I'm not entirely sure I know what Skateboard said, but I think he's on point.

ziggurcat3006d ago

it's because gamers have generally turned into a bunch of whiny, entitled cry babies.

theDECAY3006d ago

Really? I'm sick of hearing that.

Could it be also that the gaming industry is so wrapped up in making sequels, selling us DLC, and generally just feeding us the same crap over and over again, that we're done with it. Gaming isn't what it used to be, that's for sure. I don't think it's the gamers who've changed.

skyward3006d ago

'Original' games don't sell - Enslaved, Mirror's Edge, Kingdoms of Amalur

theDECAY3005d ago


Demon's Souls did pretty damn well and it was original. The games just have to be good. All those games were ok, but not great.

TheTwelve3005d ago

You're exactly right, ziggurcat

Tetsujin3006d ago

Give the fans what they want, they will complain because it's not enough, or there's "more" that could be added; Give the fans what you like or what you think will work, first argument "Why don't companies listen to their fanbase?"

I have high confidence the Namco version will be much better since their fighters I've played had 0 DLC but a ton of unlockables through playing the game.

izumo_lee3006d ago

Older generation of gamers were just happy to get what we were getting cause the industry was not as mainstream as it is today. So whenever a game came out the older generation accepted it for what it was.

Now that games have become more mainstream & more publicly recognized it is difficult to live up to the hype that gamers set for the developers. Sometimes it is the fault of the developers to hype up their game & sometimes it is the gaming media that set such high expectations. So when these are not met gamers feel the right to 'voice their opinions'. Is it unfair? Probably but that is life in this age of gaming, so very different say 15 years ago.

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