EA Takes FOX News To Task Over Mass Effect

Jeff Cork from Game Informer writes:

"If you watched the recent FOX News piece about purported hard-core sex in EA's Mass Effect, it may have left you fuming. Between the inaccuracies, ignorance and misinformation, it showed yet again that it's virtually impossible to have a reasonable discussion about mature themes in video games within the constraints of a bite-sized news debate. If you count yourself among the peeved, you're in good company. Jeff Brown, EA's VP of communications, wrote a letter to Teri VanHorn, producer of Live Desk with Martha MacCallum, taking issue with the way Mass Effect was presented. Here's the virtual smackdown, in all its glory."

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Mr_Kuwabara4381d ago

Jeff Brown seems to be pretty pissed judging by his response...

OFF TOPIC: The servers seem to be fudged up today eh?

rofldings4381d ago

don't worry, her book's still getting pwned on Amazon:

switch-it4381d ago

For those who want to watch the show:

Too bad Geoff Keighley didnt get to defend the game that much, hes my new hero :D

erx34381d ago

Check out the 2nd picture that was added.

G_CodeMonkey4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

I agree. Keighley is usually a pandering tool (IMO), but he beat her over the head with the facts. Knowing she's cornered, she smiles and references "the experts" and some new study showing that youth can't tell the difference between real and videogames (my paraphrase).. Without seeing the study, I give it a few months before that one will be totally discredited by the scientific community, but unfortunately it will still be referenced by these yahoos. Their panel was a joke also. Not one of them could reference anything in the last decade about videogames, and even asked "what happened to PacMan?" -- fish in a barrel. gCM

sticky doja4381d ago

FOX News + Cooper Lawrence = pwned!

diatom4380d ago

You can't pay for this kind of advertising!!!! It's even on Fox news so it doesn't have to be true.

pwnsause4380d ago

her book ranking was at 132 on Amazon, now its #190,868 in Books hAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA TAKE THAT YOU DUMB

wallace10004380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

That is fantastic! I want to hear a response from her. Say you acted like a complete tool and we might stop posting bad reviews :-P

UPDATE: Her book is now ranked #209,473 :-D I love it

Topbravo4380d ago

[email protected]

Susan Blond Inc.
Jaime Cassavechia
Associate Vice President
Fifty West 57th Street
14th Floor
New York, NY 10019
T: 212.333.7728 ext. 108
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Texas GMR4380d ago

Her book looks like it's doing well on Amazon. LOL

I hate it when people make a comment on something they know nothing about. The round table was more like a circle jerk. What a bunch of idiots. They all want to act holier than thou on TV right before they head home and pick up their soft porn from Blockbuster. Give me a break.

Don't forget to keep those great book reviews come'n!

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SilverKiller4381d ago

i just want to see the response from fox and at least one apology :P

dachiefsman4381d ago

I do as well but I am not holding my breath...

InMyOpinion4380d ago

"Hi Jeff Brown!

Why don't you just shut up!

Sincerely, Bill O'Reilly"

004381d ago

Can't wait to see how this unfolds.

Kyrue4381d ago

Thank you Jeff Brown for acting quickly.