Geforce 8800 Ultra Retires this Month

Fuad Abazovic, 23 January 2008 13:32 - So long, you fast lad.

Nvidia has informed its partners that it won't be accepting more orders for Geforce 8800 Ultra and advised everyone to try to sell them as soon as they can.

This is the clear indication that something new is close and from what we know, middle of February is the date.

Nvidia's replacement for 8800 Ultra is dual G92 based, big and hot but we have every reason to believe that it will end up faster than R680, simply as G92 is faster than a single RV670.

Geforce 8800 Ultra goes into history after being on market for about seven months.

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mighty_douche4656d ago

Out with the expensive, in with the cheap!

we can dream...

Charlie26884656d ago

Well with the 8800GTS512 there was no point in buying an Ultra even worse if you buy a OC version of the 8800GTS512

mighty_douche4656d ago

GTS512 is my current card (self OCed), but im interested to see how the 9800GX2 benchmarks compared to just finding a partner for the GTS, also $$$, the GT & GTS offer great value for money.

iceman29294656d ago

i've been waiting for the next set of GPUs for months!!!!!

LeonSKennedy4Life4656d ago

My 8800 GT OC is gonna be jank now!!!

At least I can run Crysis on full...


mighty_douche4656d ago

thats some serious OCing there... or a 5inch monitor lol

richie007bond4656d ago

Am not surprised, the card costs a small fortune,i would nerver pay £500 for a graphics card.The card would only last about 6 to 8 months then a newer and more powerfull card steps in.What i dont understand is these are are really powerfull but devs never really tap all their power,thats why i ilke consoles,devs can push console gps a lott futher and make games that look as good if not better than PC graphic cards that on paper blow the consoles out the window,its a fuuny old world PC gaming

Charmers4656d ago

and your comment has absolutely NO relevance to the actual news. Why on earth would you post a comment about "how consoles are better than a PC" in a news item about one of the fastest graphics cards EVER being retired.

I never had the finances to own an 8800ultra but you can bet your life if I had the money I would have bought one, it was a killer card. The only way it was beaten by the competition was for them to glue two of their highest end cards together.

Lets hope Nvidia doesn't rest on it's laurels and the 9800ultra picks up where the 8800ultra left off.

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