Microsoft Says, "No comment" On Price Drop

The Bitbag writes:

"Well, Microsoft finally got back to me today and all they had to say was, "no comment". This means one of three things: it's true and they don't want to talk about it until the release, it's false, or they just don't have the time to discuss rumors. So now all we can do is wait until April and see what happens."

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Iron Man 24657d ago

Microsoft is so desperate and they are in 2nd place,just imagine how desperate Microsoft will be by the end of 2008 when the PS3 PWNS the Xbox 360 completely down to 3rd place;)

power of Green 4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

Sony lied about PS3 being 5 times more powerful.

Sony said the PS3 would have launch games that the 360 could never touch.

Sony lied about the launch of PS3 3 times so no one would buy the 360(they knew the PS3 wasn't ready but claimed three times it was comming to steal thunder from MSFT, had millons waiting for PS3 before picking up a next-gen console).

Sony is copying all of the 360's functionality.

Sony dropped the price three times in one year.

You need to edit your post.

Sony's in last place wher the Wii and 360 are taking some of the supposed 120 million casual consumers base of the available console consumer market.

Please edit your post. I see Sony adding what's successful on other platforms, the PS3's core capabilities that appeal to consumers are from the 360. PS3 is made in the 360's image.

E-NUFF said.

004657d ago

wasn't the ones to have two price drops in six months so I wouldn't call MS desperate.

360CameFromHell4657d ago

So, you want to keep listing your imaginary 360 pros????
I should take some screnshots of your posts and shove everything up your [email protected]#ss by the end of the year when your precious Xbot3FixMe will be history.

Just accept your console is as good as second hand toilet paper and move to the winning side.

WilliamRLBaker4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

so 360 is in 2nd place...yet it means nothing that ps3 is in 3rd its just prudent buisness sense being in 3rd place *laughs hard*

Ps3 60 gig price dropped then discontinued, 40 and 80 gig price droped, they lowered the price in japan at launch and then we have this future price drop which equals 4 price drops.

360 had one price drop and thats the 50 dollars off each system.

mikeslemonade4657d ago

I have a better chance of buying a 360 if online was free at $350 then if the 360 was $250 with online still being $50 a year.

hades074657d ago

I think everyone would be shocked if there was an even bigger price drop than $50. I live in Canada and im not in the mood to google American prices for all three Xbox SKU's but I think at least in Canada a $100 price drop would be sweet, bring the Arcade down to $199, the Premium $299 and Elite $399. Also if MSFT really wanted to get their $50 million worth from the GTA IV deal, not only decrease the system price, throw GTAIV in there for free instead of Forza2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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Sez 4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

wow. you think MS is desperate for droping the price after 2 years. when sony drop the price twice in the first year,(unheard of in gaming history)giving away free ps3 with the purchase of a sony HDTV. and you think MS is desperate. hum. whats next for sony. give away a ps3 with the purchase of a walkman from sony. lol

dude stay in your lane. your fellow sonyfanboy got out of pocket by saying MS is desperate. when it's clear not the case. yes it is time for MS to drop the price of the 360. but they didn't do it in their first year as sony did. if they did. then you and the other sonyfanboy would have been calling MS desperate to sell console. but when sony do it. it's the norm. please sony is desperate. end of story. stop trying to spin it to make sony look good. because it's clearly not working.

mighty_douche4657d ago

desperate?? you think companies like sony or M$ would continue with a venture if they thought it held no promise?

regardless of their "position" in this "war" niether is going away and both are here to stay. Get over it, be a gamer, not a wannabe cooperate exec.


AceLuby4656d ago

Check your facts. There were deals when Halo came out as well w/ a free 360 and Halo w/ the purchase of an HDTV. It goes both ways. Both companies are using tactics to get a bigger userbase. 360 has Live and better software, PS3 has better HW and blu-ray. They are both using these to get more consoles in homes. It's competition and it's good for the consumers.

Stop w/ the blind fanboy comments. We all have our console of choice, but there is no reason to just lie about 'facts' to boost your console up or push the other down.

power of Green 4657d ago

PS3 had a launch price drop in Japan, its 3 times give or take.

Sony Dumbed down the PS3 to sell it making new SKU's in reverse vs making ones with more to offer.

Sez 4657d ago

you are right. i did forget about the price dop in JP. three in one year. yeah MS is in trouble now. sony may start giving away ps3 with the purchase of a album from sony music studio. lol

Maddens Raiders4657d ago

prepare for pricedrop. This is no surprise as Sony and MS will both drop their prices this year as they continue to bludgeon each other to death. The only thing is that Sony has been down this crazy road before in the past (in that they have a little bit more of console pricing war experience), so we'll see how the MS camp wades through these waters.

MrWonderful4657d ago

@ POG the ps3 had first year launch games that looked just as good and better then 360 games

power of Green 4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

No they didn't PS3 was delayed, if MSFT did the same thing GoW would have been a launch game. lol

Time is what matters not the launch of a console.

360's launch games are not reflective of anything all it means is the average 3rd party devs had to get their titles out with launch.

PS3 had High production value games taking the same amount of time as the 360's first wave of HPV games.

kevoncox4657d ago

***scooby doo voice***


kevoncox4657d ago

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kevoncox4657d ago

***scooby doo voice***


bootsielon4657d ago

WHERE and when did Sony say "PS3 is 5x more powerful than X360"?? We'll gladly wait for you to forge some proof.

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