Grand Theft Auto IV Preview by PlayTM

1/23/08 - PlayTM writes:

"Rockstar have unveiled a whole smorgasbord of new GTA IV information this week, during a series of demonstration sessions with the great and good of the games industry. With April looming, then, allow us to fill you in on the new details the publisher have finally let out of the bag."

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ReconHope4663d ago

that is just not excited about gta anymore. i was all for the hype of fta3 and san andreas but for some reason gta has lost its appeal maybe its just me as a gamer craving more than the satisfaction of endless rampages and change of characters.

VigorousApathy4663d ago

Maybe this GTA will be better... instead of the same...

bohemian 234663d ago

I'm still sold and i've been playing since the first one on playstation.