New Final Fantasy XIII information from this week's scans

This entire week scans from Japanese magazines such as Famitsu and V-Jump have hit the internet, now it's time to sum it all up. Here's what we have learned this week:

· Final Fantasy XIII
As part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project, Final Fantasy XIII embarks on an adventure full of mysticism, friendship, and strife in the name of destiny. The world calls for change. Chosen by the crystal to guide the world into this new era of change, Lightning attempts to overthrow the government from which she was cast. Cocoon, for many, is the ideal state of life. Or at least it was. Prosperity reigned upon its inhabitants. Powered by the crystal, they were given everything they would ever need: machines, magic, and other living beings. The citizens of Cocoon were thankful, but soon became scared of the threat posed from without. The people of cocoon grew scronful, outlawing any suspicious personae to the world below: Pulse. Lighning is one such person, and has witnessed the resulting injustice first-hand that has begun to overtake the world of Cocoon. After becoming friends with many of Pulse's inhabitants, she has begun to realize her true destiny."

· Worlds

The world above, as the people of Pulse know it, was enchanted by a magical crystal that established everything that the world has now become. Monorails and hover lanes divide the living sections of the inhabitants. This is a global utopia for all kinds of modern technology. Better yet, it is a place that is constantly evolving. The technology has become so advanced that the place has now decorated itself into a formidable fortress. The defenses accrued have made Cocoon a safe haven from the denizens below, but the people of Pulse do not see it that way. They see it as if the citizens of Cocoon have stranded themselves.

Like Cocoon, the world of Pulse was created by a crystal. 'Awakened,' as the people would state. Due to the harsh rules Cocoon has led, many believe Pulse to be a breeding ground for everything that has gone wrong with the world. It is a place filled with malcontent. They believe this is the source of all the violence and misery that occurs. As a result, the government outcasts "conspirators" to this underbelly. Since then, the exiled Cocoon citizens have discovered the truth. That Pulse is actually full of life, beauty, and majesty. Even encountering a new species: the Rushi. The Rushi are believed to have been granted the power of magic in the form of summons. It is also believed that they hold the task to restoring the world.

· Characters
The "pigtail girl" is called Nomchan.

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Peekay4663d ago

Are the crystals that created Cocoon and Pulse different? Or is it the same crystal? If its the same one - then it will be confusing. Why has this all powerful crystal created two jacked up colonies that oppose each other?

heyheyhey4663d ago

meh im confused already- il work it out eventually though

Kain814663d ago

But the story is very interessting and i hope epic

HarryEtTubMan4663d ago

Gonna be soooo big and Epic

Bill Gates4663d ago

That's what she said.....AAAHAAHAHAHAHHAHA

Counter_ACT4663d ago

LOL her name is NOT Nomchan.

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