MTV: GTA IV - Rockstar Games Promises Release Will Be Biggest Entertainment Event Of 2008

MTV News previews Grand Theft Auto IV. MTV News writes:

So much can be expressed in a 90-minute demo. The Rockstar team demonstrated the game's new dynamic car chases, which weave in scripted events that are triggered if certain situations align. For instance, during a hot pursuit past the Liberty City airport, Niko had to dodge barrels that came tumbling out of a swerving van. Other special events not shown but mentioned by Rockstar include a gas tanker driving into a gas station, or a completely unrelated car chase involving other crooks and cops whizzing by. These events won't happen in completely predictable ways, and players won't see them every time.

News about travel in "GTA" includes the breakthrough that cars that Niko steals now have GPS systems. A yellow route will be drawn on the player's mini-map in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen to get them to a selected destination. Players that steal luxury cars will discover that the GPS in those vehicles can talk.

Rockstar showed the ability to get drunk. This made Niko's walking and driving controls wobbly and the camera so shaky that MTV News quickly asked to move on to the next feature. Niko has a cell phone and can go to Internet cafes to search the Web. Stealing a police car provides access to a police computer that can be used to find suspects. The developers talked about enemies playing dead. Some things were left out. The Rockstar developers did not show multiplayer. They didn't show anything romantic.

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zambrota4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

biggest entertainment event is an overstatement but it will be ONE of the biggest entertainment event in Na for sure

as for europe and japan GT5/ff13 will be the biggest entertainment event.

on a Global basis it has to be FINAL FANTASY 13 (no disputing that)

Cyrus3654663d ago

That's why there is only 1 Grand Theft Auto, often imitated, but never duplicated.

Tsukasah4663d ago

Wait, can you access a real web browser or just the games own internet. I think it'd suck for those who don't have internet. Although, it would be cool if you could browse the real web in the game. Look up cheat codes on the game! :P

There better be cheat codes for this one, and no penalty(Like GTA:SA... Mad Dogg jumping off the roof while in the CS, having clones of one person EVERYWHERE.. that black guy, no racism intended, who wears a grey hoody is all over the place in my game with only 400 cheat codes put in, game beat)

cRaZyLeGs 934663d ago

The game sounds amazing! a working camera phone!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.