Square Enix Stalling FFXIII On Purpose? - FFXIII Sales Predictions

Square Enix is more than likely delaying the release of Final Fantasy XIII, and not for technical difficulties, but because of the PS3's lackluster performance with it's slow growing install base. SU digs into the numbers to see how Final Fantasy XIII sales will fair too with this plan.

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Says you4661d ago

to get more hype for this series.

cloud360-7th_account4661d ago

Is Final Fantasy A System Seller?

mullet4661d ago

Yes. Anything with the name "Final Fantasy" in it sells millions there. That and Dragon Quest.

zambrota4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

ff13 is not JUST a SYSTEM SELLER

It is the biggest game of this GENERATION


ff sells in europe and usa too.

ff is a huge system seller in europe ,japan as well as north america

@wageslave below

Halo3 sold 6 million copies till date.(ms shipped 8.1 million)

correction FF9 sold ---9.8--- million copies . Halo 3 wont reach that in its lifetime.


However the new ff13 sees lifelike graphics and NEW gameplay mechanics. If launched worldwide then expect atleast 4million on launch day

expect atleast 10 million in lifetime sales for ff13 with 7 million coming from europe and japan.

Unfortunately halo 3 is a name unknown in europe and japan

mintaro4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

Final Fantasy a system seller? how can you even ask that? jk, but yeah Final Fantasy and the phrase system seller go hand in hand like PB and J

n_n4661d ago

i don't think there's any conspiracy to this... look how long it took to finish XII. And XIII is using a new engine built from the ground up. Squenix and Sony both know it will sell consoles like crazy... there's no worry about install base, hell, the install base at the moment will sell 1+ Million FFXIII units most likely.

4661d ago
hazeblaze4661d ago

Actually, FF X sold 7.95M. But either way, SE could not possibly sell those type of numbers with the current install base. So I think there is definitely some credibility to this article. The game would definitely sell consoles in each region... and if released in time for the holiday then maybe it will sell 5-7M then.

Sarick4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

That it is a system seller but because most popular games have online features these days offline play is starting to suffer.

Take for instance World of Warcraft. Why buy new games every week if your appetite is consumed by MORPGS or online play.

My guess isn't because lackluster sales. I believe SE has something big planned that requires Home features or services. No one here knows what those features could be or this is even in the works. Things like ability of a third party anonymously controlling a boss or random encounter on your game could raise the bar if seemlessly intergrated into the game just by having yourself connected to the internet. Simply having the option to have these things going on connected or not make things interesting without making it an online game or MORPG.

it'd still be a offline game but you'd have opportunities to either take over a random fixed stat NPC monsters on another gamers world or someone do that to you.

Even an arena mode minigame that allows players to battle it out after they reach a point in the gameplay. Take for instance the minigames in all the offline games. They aren't necessary to beat the game but add to the enjoyment of the series. SE could a design a new type of online concept using Home called mininetgames or netminigames. Just being logged on your user account opens up hundreds of possibilities.

All in all online concepts are important even for offline non-morpgs. So I really think home has something to do with this and it's not the low attach rate people believe is holding it back.

This is purely speculation but if you think outside the box wouldn't these features make this game even more a system seller if it was linked to Homes online service?

Thats why I think SE is holding it back not because it's not a system seller or low attach rate but because not every detail hasn't been announced yet. I can only speculate as i'm in the dark along with everyone else here.

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paul_war4661d ago

Interesting article.

They may well be chosing to release it later due to hardware sales, but I'm wondering what % the game is built.

Anyway, being in the UK, I don't expect to see this till Mid 2009 - at least.

I just remember the delay in us getting FF12

zambrota4661d ago

so expect this game to come out on the same day as japan and usa.

Square i believe is delaying the game for this purpose

killer_trap4661d ago

when did square say the are aiming for a worldwide release?

are you sure about that?? cause if it's true then i think i'm gonna cry.

switch-it4661d ago

Really? Wher'd you read that? Thats kinda exciting, i was expecting it to be released in EU half a year or so after the Japanese releasedate.

paul_war4661d ago

I'd love if you were right but I've never seen this.

Square have always given us games after Japan & US. Recently for the PSP, Tactics & where is Crisis Core?

ancient1124661d ago

Yes, it's true, square did say they are HOPING for FFXIII simul release, something they will try. Unlike The Last Remnant, this is not for sure.

But if this article is true, then a simul release of FFXIII would be more probable, since it means they are ahead of schedule in the development and just waiting for the right time to release. While they wait, they can finish up all the english dialogues and voice and promo work ahead of time.

wildcat4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

I believe it was Konami who stated they were aiming for such a release with Metal Gear 4.

Square remains tight-lipped over the release, the reason for all of the speculation.

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zambrota4661d ago

why would Square do that?

Ff13 is the biggest game of this gen.

It will sell huge amount of ps3s worldwide and is incorporating a TOTALLY NEW gameplay system with amazing graphics.

The article makes no sense.

ff13 will atleast 1 m copies EACH at launch day in Japan ,north america and europe

Sevir044661d ago

as a matter of fact that fankid had 3 different names here

could it be that Nasim/shmee/tanod has gotten another acount... lol!!!!

either way FFXIII and versus are 2 of Sony's biggest weapon. i agree.

zambrota4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

2 counterfeit accounts with the same name used for approving stories

Johnny Blaze4661d ago

And that would mean he is on his 20th bubble..Glad to see the system work....I guess I am the 1% or .05% that could care less when this game comes out...I will pick it up but I guess I have never been a hugh rpg/FF fan...Give me some rts on either system and I will be happy...

Jamegohanssj54661d ago

I must say, that's pretty smart if you ask me. I think Square Enix knew they could finish the game quick and have it well done, so they just rest for a while to see if the PS3 sales would go up. Now since they have seen that they are working faster.

CrazzyMan4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

Gran Turismo 3 - 1,9 mln. with 4 mln. PS2 on the launch.
Final Fantasy X - 3 mln. with 5 mln. PS2 on the launch.

I hope, Square knows that and will release game by the end of 2008. Or i really gonna spam their mailbox. =)))