Video game predictions for 2008

It's hard for anyone to argue that 2007 was a good year for the Sony Playstation 3.The success of the Playstation 2, combined with years of hype due to multiple delays, gave gamers an unrealistic vision of what the console could deliver.

Fans were promised sensational graphics which would blow the Xbox 360 out of the water. What they got were marginalized experiences, with versions of 3rd party games like Madden NFL '08 that ran twice as slow on their console without any graphical benefits.

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Intrepid4659d ago

Written by a Sony fanboy. Microsoft is barely mentioned and it predicts Nintendo's downfall.

Xbox is the BEST4659d ago

read so many predictions but my favorite is "We will sell 10 million PS#3 by September 2007."

playinitcool4659d ago

yeh that was a good one...a close second to my fav "360 will wipe the competition this holiday season"

But u are most probably more knowledgeable and level headed than me "xbox is the BEST"

mintaro4659d ago

i really doubt MGS4 and GTA4 will be delayed till fall/holiday season

DRUDOG4659d ago

Oh Canada...

I love it when sites that have little or nothing to do with electronics, gaming, internet, etc., throw their hat into the ring with little regard to what the hell they're actually "publishing". I've to admit I didn't read it all because the first few pages were such drivel.

power of Green 4659d ago

Try filtering dozens of this type of thing everyday just to see whats going on in the industry.

wiizy4659d ago

of course sony fanboys giving themselves hope.. 08 will be like 07.. ps3 still last but sell about a million more.. so people are going to pump them up like they are doing something special.. while xbox 360 sells double that and the wii triple.. so 08 wii will be number 1

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The story is too old to be commented.