The Healing Power of Guitar Hero

While the Nintendo Wii continues to garner headlines for its many alternative uses, occupational therapists at the Select Specialty Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana are investigating the potential of Guitar Hero in physical rehabilitation.

Certified occupational therapy assistant Kelly Colwell first noted the healing potential of Guitar Hero while working with a patient who had injured his elbow and lost range of motion in his arm.

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Bebedora5066d ago (Edited 5066d ago )

This is a payed study. I can affirm it has aching potentials in you other parts of the arm. side effects?

Tsukasah5066d ago

I guess Guitar Hero could have its uses after all. Other than a bunch of kids bragging about how they can beat a song on expert, oh and claiming that "GUITAR HERO IS HARDER THAN REAL GUITAR!!!" lol. Anyways, I suppose it's good to hear something that GH can do. I suppose it could help my nephews hand-eye coordination better than any other game.(He's 7, got the game for xmas)