Sad Truth About PC Gaming

"Before anyone leaves a raging comment about either consoles or PCs, take a second to read the article. This isn’t to bash either of you, but instead put some new argument points in this age-old battle." |

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NYC_Gamer3271d ago

I'm happy because i am blessed to be able to enjoy PC and console gaming

Nimblest-Assassin3271d ago

I'm actually getting ready to build a pc for university this month. Can anyone give me some graphics card suggestions? I don't want to spend more than 300, but I still want to play games like skyrim using those graphics enhancer mods

vortis3271d ago

Go supports PhysX.

And before ATI fanboys come running in here going "But no one uses PhysX" they've been saying that since the inception of PhysX and games, including Borderlands 2, Batman, and every other big PC releases does support PhysX.

So if you want the top-of-the-line visual experience for under $300, check out NYC_Gamer's Newegg link and look for a DX11 Nvidia card (something in the 5xx series would be ideal for ENB series mods).

SeekDev3271d ago

If you can get the GTX 580, I'd recommend that instead. I happen to have the GTX 570, and it's alright for Skyrim's graphical enhancement mods, but I sometimes wish for a little more power.

Rettom3271d ago

The GTX 560ti or 570 is good for ya :)

superrey193271d ago

the gtx570 is a great card and doesn't run too hot or loud. Can run almost all games at max settings.

ginsunuva3271d ago

For beginners, I would start with a decent SLI-GTX 690 combo.

AKS3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

This is on a nice sale (and comes with Dirt Showdown) and thus is currently under your $300 price ceiling:

Here's a website that lets you do a quick comparison of cards:

I've had absolutely fantastic luck with the IceQ cards from HIS. Every AMD card I buy is from HIS. They are typically among the coolest (temps), quietest, and most powerful. I've never had a single problem with any of the HIS cards I've owned, either.

BTW, I'm not a fanboy of either AMD or Nvidia. I just upgraded from an HIS IceQ 6950 to an EVGA GTX 670 4GB.

MWH3270d ago

get ready to hear them "suggestions".

you may also want to consider HD Radeon 7870 from Asus or Sapphire.

papashango3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

there's actually nothing wrong with Radeons. the physx argument has been bulletpoint feature for many many years and has gone nowhere. In fact Nvidia downplayed DX11 development so that multiplat ports could get the physx treatment.

You could say AMD pushed for innovation while Nvidia chose mediocrity. However Nvidia knows their shit when it comes to making high performing cards so go with whatever you set your budget at and go over benchmarks.

AnarchistAbe3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

ATI Radeon HD 6950.

The 6950 and the 6970 have the same hardware, but are BIOS locked. There are instructions out there to flash the 6970 bios onto a 6950 (it's easy, I've done it a couple of times). This will save you a bit of money, and is a HELL of a card.

I run Skyrim on max detail, 1920x1080 resolution, graphics enhancement mods, and still keep great frame rate.

f7897903270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

You don't have to spend $300 on a graphics card to max out games.

I have an HD 6850 and I can play Skyrim at 1920x1080, 4xAA, the HD texture pack, the view distances cranked up all the way AND get 60fps. Only ~$150. also has some great charts if you're looking to compare cards.

Nimblest-Assassin3270d ago

Thanks guys... I think im going to go with the GTX 570, seems like a good fit in my price range.... just picked up skyrim for PC for 30 bucks.

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ATi_Elite3271d ago

This article was made by some ignorant person who knows NOTHING about PC Gaming!

1. What ever you play on just ENJOY your Games. It's all about the JOY of GAMING and not the platform!

2. No need to compare PC to consoles cause in reality they are two VERY DIFFERENT worlds. I've been gaming since Pong so trust me I know!

3. Consoles are basically a great way to just push power and enjoy instant entertainment. I've played on every dam console ever made so I'm very familiar with the console lifestyle I just decided PC was for me cause I like building my PC and the games were different.

Most PC Gamers prefer the PC cause of the different games of course and it's their hobby. For example I build and repair PC's so therefore I'm all about the PC. SOme people make music or videos on their PC's therefore they got a kick butt Gaming PC already etc..

anyway lots of PC Gamers have consoles too! If we can buy $300 GPU don't you think we can buy $300 consoles.

This article is lame and just talks about the same old stupid stuff, Price of PC's, Console Exclusives, Can't build a PC, Blah blah blah!!

1. PC's do more than just play Games therefore common sense will tell you that they will cost more cause they DO MORE! I'm not knocking consoles but seriously your not burning BD Disc or doing Term papers on a console.

As far as building a Gaming PC, decide your budget, do the parts research and build a nice PC within your budget and upgrade as more money comes in! It's that simple!

2. PC's have Exclusives too! They may not be the type of games that "YOU" wanna play but they sure are the type of games that a "PC GAMER" wants to play and that's why I say PC Gaming is a different world.

3. PC Gaming made more money than 360/Ps3 combined! Google it! I'm not knocking the consoles but some uninformed people tend to think PC gaming doesn't make money! Ask Valve, Blizzard, Nexon, Zenga, Nvidia, AMD about the billions each of those companies makes in Game sales and GPU sales YEARLY!

PC Gaming has a totally different "Business Model" than consoles BUT Next Gen consoles will adapt the PC business model even more.

4. If you can't build a PC or need advise there are always plenty of people to help you out. I help people on here all time.

5. Like I said this article was typical Flaim Bait and I'm sick of it cause it leads people to believe the wrong thing.

*If you want to know about PC Gaming feel free to ask a PC Gamer like myself cause that's how I got into PC Gaming by asking others*

"Hey man I wanna build a PC to run Half Life 2 on max settings, can you help me out" is the question that got me 100% into PC Gaming!

Autodidactdystopia3271d ago


funny thing is halflife 2 was my final straw as well.

before that i was all about the original xbox.

then I saw HL2 at costco bought it got a driver error (your pc sucks and cant play this) and spent a very long time figuring out how to play it maxed.

do it right and you can spend less than 1/4 of the money pc builders charge to send you their crap alienwaresque' overpriced garbage; and outperform anything they have for sale. ;)

raWfodog3270d ago

ATi, I like how you got your point across without sounding elitist and snobbish. I wish more PC gamers could reason like you.

I, myself, prefer console gaming but I know that PC gaming is very powerful and has much more potential. I simply like the consoles more. I'm a simple gamer who grew up during the Atari era so I'm not pressed to play games with uber-ultra graphics. Just the other day, I started playing Xenogears and Legend of Dragoon again. To me, a good game is a good game, no matter what the graphics look like.

Maybe if my oldest kid becomes interested in building a PC rig one day then we'll do it together but, for now, we're happy with our PS3, 360, Wii consoles.

Zweihanders3270d ago

So true. Activision Blizzard, Valve, EA? Yea there's no publishers and developers trying to change the PC market. Although I guess they aren't trying to change it since it's still strong..
PCs also have exclusives, to say otherwise is just ignorant. WOW, Starcraft, Blizzard, Witcher, Witcher 2 used to be, every other MMO pretty much, and many others.
Now let's talk about the expense. PCs do tend to cost a bit more, BUT there's a lot more sales for games so you can save quite a bit there over a "generation". Added to that is that you can do more, have more freedom with things like mods, and can even emulate older games with ease.
Chances are, everyone who games knows someone who can put a computer together. It's not hard. This is really a poor excuse.

I'm not a PC fanboy either. I play on an Xbox for many reasons. Just poiting out the innaccuracies in this poor article.

tf2isgood3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

hey ATi_Elite i am totally new at PC gaming world. in my age of 16, i have been surrounded by schoolmates that talk about what is our culture such as music, movies , politics etc. now when gaming comes to their mind all i ever hear is either FIFA or CoD. nothing else. these 2 games just dont catch my interest because i like to watch football and play real football not in a videogame and i tried the CoD games such as Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops and it was so bland and boring and generic. Whats worse is that its on the PS3 and making it just frustating enough to shoot something. i like games such as skyrim, oblivion, morrowind,racing games,co-op games, games that have deep story like amnesia and every indie game out there. i came to this site hearing its where PC gamers are only here and help one another but it is very corrupt site filled with hate.
Anyway the point is that i want to ask from you a very good PC gaming rig seeing that in this comment saying u will help all PC gamers and new. my budget is $700 because i saved up a lot of money for something and i want to get a new gaming rig and i mean everything such as a new screen,mouse,keyboard,processo r,video card etc

shadow27973270d ago

I'm new to PC gaming, so I'm no expert on the subject. However, here are some of the flaws I've seen with it:

1. The BIGGEST flaw is that it isn't as good as it should be. You hear a lot of talk about how PC's are "next-gen" and the graphics are so much better than consoles. Which is true, to an extent. The problem is, these "next-gen" experiences are limited to a very small (comparatively) number of games.

Most PC games that I've come across are console ports. You get the benefit of higher resolutions, better AA, and fps. But otherwise, it's the same game. A large number of them even seem to use the same assets as their console counterparts, including the textures. 7 years later and most people won't even be able to tell it's not coming from a console.

Which brings me to my next point: nitpicking. 1080p 60fps is great, I won't deny that. But frankly, I'm fine with 720p 30fps if I can get better textures and draw distance. I feel like a disproportionate amount of power is wasted on making PC games a little more smooth, a little more responsive, and a little crisper. This clearly isn't a common viewpoint, because the max textures on most PC games look pretty bad. A lot worse than they could.

And that's the thing, PC games could look like PS5 games right now. I even believe at next year's E3, many are going to cry, "Prerendered!" Sony and Microsoft will probably choose to stay at 720p 30fps in order to make their machines look more "next gen".

Now that isn't to say that you're wrong to prefer 1080p (or 2K, 4K, etc.) or 60+fps. But honestly, unless you have the ultimate gaming rig, you should take a visual hit to be able to do that. Maxing out games should not be something the majority can do. My $180 graphics card definitely shouldn't be able to. But developers know that PC gamers like to brag about maxing out games, so they appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Speaking of the developers, PC games tend to not be very optimized. It's understandable given the vast number of different configurations in the marketplace, but it could still be better. Optimization is one of the reasons consoles manage to look as good as they do.

shadow27973270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

2. I know I've talked about visuals and aesthetics a lot so far, and that is far from the most important thing in gaming. But frankly, when you spend a grand on a gaming machine, you expect it to look good. However, PC's also have the problem of not PLAYING as good as they should. While PC games are the best looking on the market, they tend to be a bit old-fashioned in their play styles. Consoles are guilty of this too, but to a lesser extent. Most of this gen has involved playing extremely good looking PS2 games.

There are obvious exceptions, but one of the biggest disappointments I've found in PC gaming is the lack of huge set-pieces. Now, I'm aware that PC gamers don't like scripted events, but set-pieces don't have to be scripted. God of War 3 managed to put the player on a massive Titan a couple of times (with some obvious limitations). Uncharted 2 managed to put players on an actual moving train instead of just a moving background (again with limitations). Uncharted 3 sunk a huge cruise ship in what was one of the most under-appreciated, yet incredible set-piece sequences I've ever seen. All of those were heavily scripted, obviously, but there's no reason why they would have to be on PC.

And make no mistake, PCs could do all of those and do them a lot better. PCs are completely capable of much bigger and better set-pieces. Yet, you really don't see them. There are a few technical marvels, but PC games should be offering up these massive set-pieces without taking control away from the player. Star Wars 1313 looks to be moving in that direction, but it could still be a lot bigger.

The reason, I think, that PC games haven't gone more in that direction is, again, optimization. That's a flaw in the infinite upgrade system that's holding the platform back. Developers have to try to appeal to the largest demographic, they can't create a game only a few will be able to play. Most tech is optional and purely aesthetic so that the market isn't segmented.

In the end, PC is the most powerful platform and always will be. It is also arguably the best platform for gaming. However, it's not as good as it could, or maybe even SHOULD be. The reason to get into PC gaming isn't because of the visuals or to experience the next gen early. Widespread next gen gaming won't start until the PS4 and NextBox are released, and visually, the difference isn't really that huge. No, the reason to get into PC gaming is the same reason you would use to buy any other platform, be it PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii, it's the exclusives. There are simply a ton of gaming experiences you can get on PC that you just can't get anywhere else.

Like I said, I’m no expert, but that’s been my experience so far.

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Kran3271d ago


I own:


I rock in terms of the current generation :)

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gamerben3271d ago

PC's aren't used exclusively for gaming.

JsonHenry3271d ago

I read the whole article. Didn't see any new "argument points".

And yes, the best part about a PC other than being an open platform is that it does a whole hella lot more than gaming.

ShinMaster3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

It's not like owning a PC makes you part of an exclusive elite club, lol. Practically everyone(including console gamers) already have a PC for non-gaming purposes.
So it makes sense that only the gaming part is compared with consoles. After all, the topic is about "gaming".

And the truth is PC gaming is quite lonely and isolated. But you can steal games more safely, I'll give you that, lol

Letros3271d ago

"And the truth is PC gaming is quite lonely and isolated"

I believe that's called 'next gen' :-)

See you there soon, maybe holiday 2013!

superrey193271d ago

"And the truth is PC gaming is quite lonely and isolated."

Someone has never played a PC multiplayer game like Starcraft, counterstrike, etc. where some of the biggest organized communities exist.

Also, I'm pretty sure downloading and burning console games involves the same thing as downloading PC games.

JsonHenry3270d ago

Shinmaster obviously has never played games on a PC if he thinks it is lonely and isolated.

FFS DotA 2 is still in beta and has one of the largest gaming communities EVER. And that isn't even taking into account the fact Steam has its own social network built in.

Then games like D2&D3, WoW, TF2, CounterStrike, Arma 2 (and the Dayz mod!!).. the list continues. VERY active communities.

StoneyYoshi3270d ago

"And the truth is PC gaming is quite lonely and isolated."

Thats a load of BS. If you have steam go look at the amount of people that are online right now. its over 3 million people. and thats ONLY steam. not even counting people playing Starcraft, WOW, and every other game that are kinda on their own and dont work off of steam. And add people on origin playing Battlefield 3 and other games. Oh and we cant forget the people playing EvE Online. probably over a million playing right now.

HenryFord3270d ago

At what point did he say that it makes him part of an elite club if he owns a PC? Stop making things up.

So, to take apart your silly picture you posted:
1. So... it's a good thing that you are unable to buy your games because it's sold out? Nevermind that downloading games to the popular consoles is here. And it is here to stay.
2. Stealing games is easier on PC? Ha. Ever heard of the XBox 360? It's never been so easy - you don't even need to install the game, apply a crack or something - just pop it in and play it. Also: You have the capability of playing online which you don't get with most pirated PC-Games.
3. It's a good thing that people shout out racist shit on the consoles? Yeah... sounds about right. Nevermind that that happens on the PC as well.
4. Modifying games - well... it costs less and is easier on PC - so that's a point for the consoles?
5. Got my PC connected to my 50 inch flat-screen TV, enjoying a lot of games in split-screen/co-op, in 1080p with my friends on the couch. With controllers as well. So... ehm... what? That point simply makes no sense.

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h311rais3r3271d ago

Pcs are more costly UPFRONT. That 600 he spent and complained about the price was what I paid for my ps3 at launch. So I don't see his argument. And you DON'T need to upgrade the pc all the time. Only enthusiasts do that. My pc was $1200 because it's a GAMING (bf3 @ 60 fps maxed) and a VIDEO EDITING machine.

TekoIie3271d ago

Yeh it's a failing argument. Built mine a year ago and it can nearly max out BF3 and it still looks beautiful. Also PC sort of has an exclusive genre, RTS's......So If you like that sort of game a PC is for you! :)

ChrisW3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

@h311rais3r, (sorry for clicking reply to Pekolie)

I started with a build that was about $600 or $700... It was nice and played a lot of games on almost MAX, but upgrading soon became an addiction and after a couple years my rig is worth approx $3000. Luckily, my university's research stipend helped pay for most of it! Just don't ask me how I convinced them that a GTX680 was necessary for my research... LOL!

But yes! My original machine was the approx same price as the PS3 at launch. The nice thing is that as each PC generation (annual generation) comes around, most PC rigs can be built to play games at MAX for approx $600.

Console owners only argue about this price difference after the console has been out for a couple years and received several price drops. Starting next-gen, we'll see the whole thing over again.

JONESY63271d ago

Who buys a Computer just to play video games? A computer can do everything. its a COMPUTER.

You can do school work, watch movies, TV shows, Read articles, Contribute to forums and so much more.

Most people go to Bestbuy and buy sub-par computers for $500 and then they buy a $200 console with over priced games and pay-to-play online services. why not just get a $200 video card and play games on the computer too? everything in ONE place!

Mythicninja3271d ago

let's not forget our old friend pr0n

pwnmaster30003271d ago

Pay to play online maybe 360 not ps3.

I love pc gaming but now I just use consoles because its just way more easier.

JONESY63271d ago

Easy is a common excuse for console gaming and i can understand that. but for me when it comes to tech i love a challenge. the pay off is so much more rewarding.

chaldo3271d ago

Really? Even though it is harder on PC, the mouse makes it a lot easier for me to aim. I don't know about you.

JonahNL3271d ago

"Not everyone can render Heavy Rain’s graphics, even with a powered up computer, and there is still plenty of untapped power in the Playstation 3 to push the graphics limit even higher."

That sentence makes this whole article a joke.

JONESY63271d ago

First off my PC cant run Heavy Rain because its a PS3 exclusive.(If it was on PC my mid-end PC from 2009 could run it better.)

And second the PS3 has seen its limit. If you call lowering the resolution and frame rate for a some more effects untapped power then then LOL WTF.

Autodidactdystopia3271d ago

I don't always game... but when I do, I game on PC. - Interesting Man

irepbtown3270d ago

PS3 has not seen its limit, and the proof is obvious.

Just compare The Last of Us to any previous PS3 exclusive. The fact is, the PS3 still seems to improve everything, the more developers work on it. Just look at what Naughty Dog are producing.

Comparing PC Gaming to Console gaming is close to ridiculous. The differences are... lets just say alot.

By the way, how did you come to the conslusion that 'the PS3 has seen its limit.'
I'm not surprised a PC gamer would say that, but I'm just curious.

ShaunCameron3271d ago

Pretty much. The PS3's own games are either scaled down to accommodate those with 720p TV's or they're a native 720p.

shadow27973270d ago

Which isn't a problem, because 720p looks fine even on a large 1080p TV, provided you're further than 3 feet away from the screen.

It's silly to waste resources on something most people won't be able to see. It's more of a comfort for people to know it's in 1080p, than for them to actually be able to tell the difference. That's really only something hardcore PC gamers can see.

That said 720p should be the absolute minimum for many reasons, including the fact that it's deceptive to those who thought they were buying an "HD game system" or saw "720p" on the back of the box.