Tecmo's New Game

Tecmo gathered members of the press in Tokyo today for a celebration to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Dead or Alive. Surprisingly, the biggest thing to come out of the event was unrelated to the Team Ninja fighting series.

At the close of the event, Tecmo reps handed out artwork for an original game that hasn't officially been announced. While we were unable to get a name or platform for the game, a source at the company told us that an official announcement will be made shortly.

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dantesparda5844d ago

Is this even for the Wii? I saw PS3

zypher5844d ago

ign posted it under PS3, but in the article they couldn't confirm which system it would be for. despite Tecmo's history of developing solely for the most powerful system (which would more than likely be the PS3) i saw no reason that it couldn't actually be announced for the Wii too. just covering all bases.

Hayabusa 1175844d ago

Perhaps it's for the 360 and is to announced at xo6? Just a thought.

Dusk5844d ago

The artical is posted in both the 360 and PS3 section of IGN.