Sony PS4: 6 Features It Needs To Be Awesome

Sony PlayStation 4 or more commonly known as PS4, still has some time left for its official release date. But there are many fans who expect some features which they would love to see in their future PS4.

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1) Unique Gameplay
2) Good Stories
3) Fun Multiplayer
4) Deeper Gameplay Mechanics and Strategy
5) More Feelings of Immersion not reliant on hardware tech.
6) Gamer Oriented features and apps.

pandaboy3792d ago

so in other words you wan't developers to make better games.

b163o13792d ago

Lol cause in the end, no matter how great of a console it is, it isn't S**t with out good games imo..

ABizzel13792d ago

1. Better/ New Game experiences
2. Improved Online functionality
3. Gaikai support that eases crossplay between PS4 / PS3 / PSVita / Mobile
4. New OS (PS Home v2 would be great if they can make it seamless, and gamer oriented)
5. Next Generation Hardware
6. Continued Strong 1st party support, and PS2-like 3rd party support

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ChunkyLover533792d ago

It is a good list, and it addresses a lot of the issues I have with the current PS3. The voice chat is just atrocious, but I think the PS4 will not offer backwards compatibility.

If its true that Sony abandoned the Cell, they wont be able to offer compatibility with PS3 games. I think the reason they bought a Cloud gaming service is so that they can offer PS3 games through that, at a price of course.

As long as its in my price range of $300-$399, I'll be happy to invest in a PS4.

HammadTheBeast3792d ago

Your right about investment. Wit the amount of free games for the ps3 right now, including the upcoming Dust 514, the highass price from before is somewhat justified.

ChunkyLover533792d ago

Well any gaming console is an investment, I'm a gamer and games are my hobby. That is how I look at it anyway.

paddystan3792d ago

The one and most important only: Focus on the core and don't go Microsoft style and follow their lead.

Tacklebait3792d ago

I'm afraid if they don't cater to a wide audience they will be left in the dust.

That doesn't mean they shouldn't keep delivering on the exclusives.

HammadTheBeast3792d ago

But most Xbox users hate Kinekt, and never use other "typical home family" features. Also, Xbox Live is a huge ripoff, with online play restricted unles you buy it, as well as Netflix and services free overall on other consoles.

morkendo233792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I'm afraid if they don't cater to a wide audience they will be left in the dust.

ps3 do NOT!!!! cater to a wide audience, only!! to CORE gamers. if that was not true i would have more ps3 games than Gran Turismo 5,need for speed "The RUN",NEED FOR SPEED HOTPURSUIT, RATCHET AN CLANK TOD,QFB,ACIT,A41...MILITARY GAMES I DONT PLAY...Sony left ol school gamers behind.

@ ziggurcat
if ps4 price be 500 plus tax 638.00 which i doubt..that would hurt sony tremendously. I believe sony would not be foolish to release another high-price console. ps4 should be competitive with wii-U price 299-349

DivineAssault 3792d ago

I didnt see any complaints about the games though & Isnt that what the system is for? Some of those issues are far worse elsewhere..

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