Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition Hands-On by GameSpot

For 20 bucks this February 5, you'll be able to purchase a port of Twisted Metal: Head On (originally for the PSP) that contains several "lost" levels from Twisted Metal: Black 2; a lengthy and awesome developer documentary featuring the entire history of the Twisted Metal series as told by David Jaffe, Scott Campbell, and other team members; a crazy minigame in which you run through a madhouse as Sweet Tooth while collecting bits of trivia and concept art; as well as all of the live-action endings of the original Twisted Metal (which have never been seen before), and finally, with a little unlocking, you'll be able to discover the identity of the next project from this illustrious team. Will it be Twisted Metal 3 for the PlayStation 3? Only time, and the Internet, will tell.

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Iron Man 24288d ago

Awesome preview,I can't wait to pick this game up for my PS2/PS3 next month

Thanks to whoever contributed this,Twisted Metal rocks!;)

TnS4288d ago

You are welcome. :)