Paramount Germany Denies Amazon's Blu-ray Announcements

According to a story on, the Paramount Blu-ray titles listed for pre-order on and were a mistake. Amazon has now updated the listings to reflect the discs as being HD DVD releases. Format War Central report they were skeptical about this, since amazon has been known to make mistakes when it comes to HDM pre-order details.

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Guwapo774663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

The true mistake is Paramount not making that move back to Blu-ray.

...especially after the recent report on standalone player sales.

bootsielon4663d ago

Had they never committed to HD-DVD, by the date of the end of the contract, they would have made up even MORE money! Their contract supposedly ends in a year. Had they never committed, blu-ray would have gone up even higher, and 10 million movie sales in one year would have been a lot easier in the Blu-ray format (not to mention interests).

joevfx4663d ago

by denying there claims that they will move to blu ray is just stalling so thier lawyers can figure out the best way out of thier contract with HD -dvd. thats all that is happening with these denials.

Insint4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Paramount will not go Blu-Ray exclusive for at least a couple of months. Really hope they do not take like 6 months to do so.

Dashmoney1014663d ago

COMING TO AMERICA IS SO FUNNY! if u havent seen it , u should.

Guwapo774663d ago

I bought it on Blu-Ray already to replace my aged VHS version. You might still be able to find a few copies out there in the wild.

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