Games Radar: Grand Theft Auto IV - Updated Impressions

Games Radar writes:

"It's been a full five months since our last real look at Grand Theft Auto IV, and all we've seen since then is a single trailer, the box art and a trickle of occasional details. That trickle turned into a spurt last week, however, when we met up with Rockstar to see what they've been up to - which, incidentally, appears to have been making the game a whole lot crazier than it was the last time we saw it."

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Skerj4663d ago

And people thought it was ready to release during the holiday season, hell no it looks SO much better now.

decapitator4663d ago

What I find weird is that, everything we have seen is from the Xbox 360 version and not a single screen of video shows the PS3 version. But Rockstar has confirmed that the game is in development and PS3 versopm will be unveiled soon for the first time.

Phil Harrison in an interview said they would be aiding Rockstar in developing the game for the PS3 by, i quote him, "they would be deploying some of their ninjas" to help with the development.

Now my question, if the PS3 version is shown, and it looks better than the Xbox 360 version....what version would you guys get though ?

The version with great graphics, DLC and online and possibly no disc scratching


The version with better graphics with online, and no 'disc scratching at all and the option to install the game on your Hard drive ?

captainpwn4663d ago

The game was made for the PS3, obviously it'll be best on PS3. Microsoft can throw around as much money as they want, but at the end of the day, people see GTA as a Playstation franchise. I doubt many 360 users will even buy GTA4. Look at GTA 3, vice city and San andreas. They were ALL on the XBOX, yet only accounted for 6% of global GTA sales. Where was the other 90%+? Playstation.

Phil Harrison also said and I quote: "We have a number of initiatives with Rockstar regarding GTA 4, which you'll be hearing about in the coming weeks and months" Nuff said. Microsoft can spend $50M, but Rockstar can just give PS3 its own slew of exclusive content.

So, at the end of the day, I say 1 thing: XBOTS, please go back to playing Halo 3. Oh wait, your xbox is in repair. And, if it isn't, XBL is down. Oh and only play Halo 3 if the disc isn't scratched. And, have fun playing it with no sound. Hard to hear with the 360 fans aka the vacuum on, isn't it?

Skerj4663d ago

Actually the one shown to Games Radar right now is the PS3 version, says so on the last page. That said, to answer your question personally I'm getting the PS3 version. The DLC for the 360 version isn't coming until late this year or 2009, and something in me doubts it'll be significant to me in the grand scheme of things.

Besides at that time I'll be playing the rest of the games that are coming out this year so it wouldn't matter that much anyway. If it's something that continues the storyline then I might change my stance.

Another deciding factor was the multiplayer. I currently have no plans on renewing my Gold subscription for Live, so playing online on the PSN suits me just fine.

Adamalicious4663d ago

I'm totally one of those people who see it as a PS franchise. Pretty much any franchise that I've always played on a PS I'll probably keep playing on one if I can. I think it's down to the controller, that familiarity. I guess if reviews came out and said the 360 version was perfect and the PS3 version was crap it might be a different story, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

VirusE4663d ago

Adamalicious then i guess metal gear and FF are nintendo franchises by that logic.

Evilninja4663d ago

The last page says, "We still haven't actually played GTA IV yet, although that's coming soon - as is our first look at the PS3 version of the game, which up until now we've only seen running on Xbox 360 hardware." Meaning their first look at the PS3 version is coming soon.

Skerj4663d ago

Ack, you're right. I somehow misread that, mistake acknowledged.

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predator4663d ago

awesome. cant wait for this beast

EastCoastSB4663d ago

This just confirmed that it's going to be an epic game.(not that I really doubted Rockstar)

Adamalicious4663d ago

Yeah. You gotta figure that with all of the delays they aren't just sitting around - they are making sure it's going to rock. Can't wait.

Doctor Strange4663d ago

Nice when a delay actually pays off. GTA IV is going to be a blockbuster no doubt.