Grand Theft Auto IV: TVG Preview - 'Rockstar are deliberately holding back on a lot of GTA4'

TVG writes:

"Where to go after San Andreas? To make matters even worse for Rockstar Games, it's the next-gen debut of GTA; to say expectations are virtually insurmountable would be a monumental understatement. Still, it seems Rockstar North is supremely confident of re-inventing the open-world experience they established on the last generation of consoles, arguably the most noteworthy genre of that era.

Perhaps one of the most visually impressive touches is the enhancement made to the cinematic camera option. Prevalent in previous GTA titles, the ability to quickly switch to the cinematic camera without flicking through the various different shots means that what was essentially a useless feature now has a genuine purpose. From the able demonstrations of Rockstar's driving skills it also appears that Rockstar North has tightened up the cinematic camera angles on offer, removing those that were completely unplayable, to ensure playing with funky camera positions is actually quite viable this time around

Despite seeing a lot, Rockstar are deliberately holding back on a lot of GTA4, fearing that they gave too much away in the lead-up to San Andreas release. Hinted at towards the end of the demonstration, Rockstar's representatives teased towards the multiplayer options and claimed we'll know more with the next build when it's finally time for us to go Hands On with the behemoth that is GTA4 "

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Joey Gladstone5541d ago

."The JOEY has Spoken"

Exhaust5540d ago

I was really excited for Prototype but after seeing the hands on my expectations are much lower. Saints Row 2 will probably be better than prototype.

Nothing can touch GTA. Nothing.

Mr_Kuwabara5540d ago (Edited 5540d ago )

Well the only new feature that I really wanted was a online multiplayer aspect and that has been confirmed to be in some shape and form. Other than that I don't know what else R* can bring to the franchise to make it even more fresh...

EDIT: @Exhaust

Well yes, yes I have. In fact I've even submited the news...

pharmd5540d ago

i know this will get me a million disagrees but after playing the first one that came out on ps2 the rest really got boring for me. not saying you feel the same but to me there's nothing other than new graphics that i feel will make this seem new. the game itself revolutionized things for the gaming industry but it lost its shock value and i'm at the point that i probably wont even get it....

just my own personal preference i guess

pharmd5540d ago (Edited 5540d ago )

double post

Exhaust5540d ago (Edited 5540d ago )

Doesn't sound like you have... If you did you'd know there is more than just graphical improvements.


@pharmd - Do you actually play the story or just run around shooting and running over people? A lot of people just run around causing mayhem then complain "theres nothing new". If you played the story line missions between GTA III and San Andreas you'd know there were gameplay changes. Maybe not revolutionary but still significant.

pharmd5540d ago

I'm just saying to enhance my own experience, dont get me wrong they made great games its gotten tiresome to me, thats all IMO

Tru Enuff5540d ago

I have tons of information on my myspace page about GTA IV

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THE_JUDGE5540d ago

its going really good or that its going really bad. They can't hide forever.

Nevers5540d ago

Piss brix if this got badly reviewed... That would be very funny indeed.

jkoz5540d ago

No crap they're holding back a lot, the game's not out yet, the hype is so high, why would they release more when they can release less and every GTA junkie will gobble whatever they throw at them up? Either this is going to be game of the year material, or a next gen rehash of GTA i.e. Halo 3 being Halo 2.5, this could be San Andreas 1.5.

akaFullMetal5540d ago

i liked gta3, and my favorite is Vice City, i really didnt like san andreas it seemed very much like the same, and didnt like the story, but that sold well, so alot of people liked it, so i hope gta4's story is good.

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