GTA 4 returns after six months of spit and polish - IGN UK's preview

Yes, the frame-rate has been smoothed out; yes, the city is now fully populated meaning you're able to explore however you see fit; and yes, the trademark satirical dialogue and larger-than-life characters are very much back. Grand Theft Auto IV looks and feels like a GTA game, but one that's been punted into the next generation. And while the build IGN saw wasn't final – the music was still placeholder and there are a couple of visual tweaks to be done over the next couple of months – everything else is in the game. Better still, any worry IGN had that Rockstar wouldn't deliver on a proper next-gen GTA experience was instantly dispelled within the first few moments of their latest 90-minute tour of Liberty City.

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TheExecutive4664d ago

NOw I am getting excited about this game! It sounds like most of my worries have been taken care of. It sounds like a classic GTA with a definite Next-gen twist, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I wonder how the ps3 build plays...

zambrota4664d ago

Rockstar are good developers plus GTA is aimed towards a PS base usually .

It is a very popular game among the casuals and definitely would move ps3s as well as xbox 360s atleast in north america

joemomma4664d ago

The ps3 version probably has better framerate and smoother graphics due to blu ray and the cell processor.

mesh14664d ago


vloeistof4664d ago

what a good day lots of info on ff xiii and now gta iv

zambrota4664d ago

since for the first time it would be incorporating real time gameplay with amazing graphics.

gta4 is quite big too at least in the states if not worldwide

Maddens Raiders4664d ago

this game will sell oceans (understatement of the year).

joemomma4664d ago

Rape saints rown and saits row 2 screens. Bow down before the greatest game ever you retarded GTA clones!

InMyOpinion4664d ago

Both are good games. Unlike you I'm looking forward to both GTA IV and Saints Row 2.

GITPWNED4664d ago

Make no mistake, GTA4 will utterly destroy SR1 and 2, but that doesn't mean SR is not a good game.

Iron Man 24664d ago

LOL your comment made me laugh Evil Zhuk,but yeah,I can't wait to pick up GTA IV for my PS3 in a couple of months!;)

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The story is too old to be commented.