CVG's GTA IV preview - A new look with new screens

CVG's impressions of a "virtually complete" GTA IV:

"'Impressive,' the echoey voice in my head whispered as a sunset-soaked Liberty City dock appeared in front of us. We're back at Rockstar's London HQ gawping at the first we've seen of GTA IV since its infamous delay. What a difference six months makes.

Of course Rockstar's 100" TV might have something to do with it, but IV isn't looking dated considering it should have been out for a few months already. In fact, it's running visibly smoother at the beginning of our demo. Niko stands on the waterfront at a dock in Broker. It's the kind of rusty, tramp-ridden area of town you'd expect to find flaming barrels and lots of pigeons and that's exactly what surrounds us here."

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OpiZA4658d ago

Loving the new previews... finally some interesting news. This week's been hard ;)

Chuck Norris4658d ago

i can't wait to play it. this game looks huge! i'm wondering as to how rockstar is gonna fit it on dvd9s. multi discs probably? if so, i'm getting the ps3 version.

GITPWNED4658d ago

Oblivion is bigger and longer than this game, and it's only 5 gigs. Try again.

Chuck Norris4657d ago

Since you used Oblivion as an example, I'm going to assume that you also know the game that preceded it. Morrowind (GoTY Edition) used roughly around 1GB of disk space. Now comes Oblivion (GoTY Edition) which has better graphics and tons more in-game content. The total disk space Oblivion used was 4.6GB. That's 3.6GB more disk space used.

San Andreas full install is 4.7GB. I'm only guessing that since Liberty City will surpass San Adreas in content and graphics, it's going to use up more than 4.7GB.

n_n4658d ago

this game turns out well for you GTA fans. i'll pass on this game... not my thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.