The new Resident Evil 6 - Adapt or Die

Resident Evil 6 asks you kindly to put away any preconceived ideas about the series, and merely focus on some new storytelling with familiar characters and some hybrid gameplay that fuses elements of action and more methodical cinematic direction. However, if you're stuck in the past wishing for a return to the good ol' days, then that's likely not happening any time soon.

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RaidensRising2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

This is a sign of current gaming and has happened to many once great franchises.

LOGICWINS2389d ago

I really don't understand the bitching surrounding this game. As a person who enjoyed RE1, 2, 3, and Code Veronica...this one looks fantastic! Horror or no horror, this game looks fun...and thats the reason I play videogames. Just because something changes doesn't mean its bad.

Irishguy952389d ago

It looks fun sure. I will probably get it, but from a fan point of view, I am sad that this is NOT Resident evil, it's not the reason I like the Res evil series, and this one likely won't change that. It's just another TPS to me. I certainly wouldn't pick it over alot of other Tps.

bunt-custardly2389d ago

Some people would like to see the old style survival game make a return - myself included - but I can agree take the game at face value and enjoy. The limited ammo, limited herbs, slower paced gameplay, running to avoid zombies etc but with modern day graphics and gameplay would be sweet and maybe RE 6 can partially accomplish some of those ideals.

StarFox2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Really? i'm not even gonna go into detail about whats wrong with this game because it's been discussed on numerous occasions. only people like you think that the all the fans are complaining just because there is no horror when it actually more in depth than that. this the exact same crap that happened with DmC when all the dumb asses thought that the hair color change was the reason that fans were complaining when that too was more complex especially when gameplay trailers were released.

oldfriend862389d ago

Other than it's from Capcom?

It's not Resident Evil, it's a Michael Bay movie turned into a game. RE6 has evolved into every other game out there, that's the problem. To pay $60 (unless they're serious about the $70 price tag) for just another Gears of War piece of crap, is idiocy.

Tdmd2389d ago

I'd say RE6 have devolved in a attempt to be everything at once.

Kurylo3d2389d ago

I think the games have become more like the resident evil films lol. Which is a sad state of affairs. Whats sadder is the films make tons of money and are considered a success for the moeny they bring in. Its the gamers and fans of resident evil that hate them.. just like the fans of resident evil are disappointed in the direction the games are going. Its all about coop these days.

smashcrashbash2389d ago

I agree. So since it should change to appeal to the guys that play the game, every woman in the game should be dressed in lingerie wearing high heeled shoes.And instead of a single person fighting zombies we should make it a whole war and we can give the zombies riffles and bazookas and they can have generals and battleships and harrier jets.

And to make it seem less violent instead of simply shooting the zombies we have the option to send them home to their wives and children. And instead of plain old guns we can have lasers and death rays and the heroes can have super powers to shoot lasers out of their eyes and lift cars above their heads and jump into a giant zombie killing robot when needed.

Or even better. Make it like an RTS and just drop nukes from a map view and don't even go into the city at all and have a counter show you how many zombies you killed. It's not survival horror anymore and they have to adapt right? So why not? Don't b***h as they make crap like RE5 and Raccoon City. Just buy it anyway.

LOGICWINS2389d ago

I wouldn't care if it turned into a Japanese dating sim/FPS. If I found it to be fun and worth the money, I'd play it.

Tdmd2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Comment of the day. Bubbles!

VanillaBear2389d ago


So if a game franchise you like changes into something completly differen't somthing against what made you fall in love with that game you would be fine with it as along as it's fun

Jesus christ no wonder developers do this to our great game franchises because people like you don't seem to give a crap. Not really a fan are you.

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oldfriend862389d ago

Focusing on the big money makers and outsource the rest. Sheep will blindly purchase the games anyway, because of the names they're familiar with.

Yep that pretty much sums it up. The same people who will buy RE6, are probably the same people who do trade ins at Gamestop and think they're getting a good deal.

LOGICWINS2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Obviously, people that have different tastes than you do MUST be sheeps!

oldfriend862389d ago

Sorry, I couldn't make out what you were saying with all the baaaaaaaaaaaa

You're welcome to continue giving Capcom money. I'm sure the on disc DLC will be just as enjoyable.

maddfoxx2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Modern games are being dumbed down to cater to idiots. No more stealth in stealth games, no horror in horror games, no strategy in RPGs.

- *Push Button* action sequence awww yeahhhhhh.
- Hint: Hey, you should go up that ladder. Just in case you didn’t see it, I’ll highlight it for you!

I remember when Resident Evil forced you to conserve ammo, game saves, and medicine while pitting you against some powerful bio-weapons. Now, they give you infinite saves, infinite ammo, overpowered weapons, and weak ass enemies and bosses. Resident Evil also used to have some of the most intricate puzzles. But now the puzzles are gone… they replaced them with explosions. Resident Evil 6 is supposed to include health regeneration and a handy dandy waypoint marker to tell you exactly where to go, YAY! The reason why people are upset. . . games are getting less challenging and more boring. And I find it a little insulting when developers put hints and highlighted items in games that pop up every few minutes. I mean, does RE6 even need a waypoint marker? Judging from the demo, it has no where near the level of exploration as games like RE1 and RE2. I have no problem with them making the game more action oriented(they've been doing this since RE3), but adding health regens and way-point markers kinda killed this game from me. I'm still going to buy and play it, for the story, but this will not be a day one buy for me.

StarFox2389d ago

exactly Resident Evil is about survival, tension, atmosphere, exploration etc. Horror is debatable cause me personally i was never scared at any resident evil. but this re6 game is nothing more than a linear action shooter, with QTE's out the ass, & action sequences like uncharted.

wampdog292388d ago

Eh, horror is horror no matter if you are scared or not. It's a genre and type of atmosphere, not necessarily how it makes you feel.

sedx2389d ago

RE remake and zero were perfect although re4 was good .i don't know why they would change the formula that what made RE.

RE should be focusing on single player aspect only not co-op,and they should have continued the Re outbreak series for the online portion of the series.

maddfoxx2389d ago

They changed the formula because people and reviewers, who weren't fans, were complaining.

They complained about the static camera.
They complained about the "Tank Controls".
They complained about not being able to run & gun.
They complained about limited saves.
They complained about the "hard" puzzles.

Capcom changed everything they complained about so they could appeal to a wider audience. I can't blame them. If I owned the company I would have made the same changes (more money). Blame the casual and shooter crowd for asking for changes to a series that they didn't give a damn about until RE4 rolled out.

wampdog292388d ago

Exactly. And, from recent reports and articles, games cost a ton to make and are becoming very risky to develop. Of coarse, if companies wouldn't try and make every game they release into a summer blockbuster, it wouldn't be so bad and this is why just about EVERY company is trying to widen their market. Another example: EA and Dead Space 3...

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