Best Buy Offering The First $299 40Gb PS3

A guy was just at the sterling, VA store and they had about two pallets of the 40gb ps3 version in the first isle at a manager's special of $299.

The sign said this store only.

He has left all the stores information so you can contact them.

Store#: 146
zip: 20165
phone: 703-430-2150

PStriple703 has since called the store:

"the customer service rep said they stopped it cause they got in trouble for it..."


Maddens Raiders`s:

"Just called my Best Buy. -
They said that the 40GB is $299, but you have to buy a $999.00 TV. I asked them for how long it's good for and they said until Saturday night at Midnight. I asked her when it will be made $299 w/o the telly purchase and she said she couldn't tell me that."

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PStriple7034663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

wow...i live in VA(reston) i'm going too call the store

ITS TRUE i just called but there not doing it anymore, the customer service rep said they stopped it cause they got in trouble for it...
well it looks like some people got away with it

Anego Montoya FTMFW4663d ago

do it let me know.

so i can update the story.

please and thank u.

sonarus4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

i think sellin a 299 ps3 at this time is a mistake. They should wait for some more significant releases. They need to drop price when mgs4 hits but it will help improve sales but with the general trend of ps3 seeing such consistent price drops it could convey the image of why buy now when i can wait for a couple of months and buy it for 250. They need to give people a reason to pay 300 now and not later. MGS4, GTA4, even gran turismo or haze they need a decent game that can get ppl playing dnt expect the same ppl who are buying now to be looking for resistance fall of man or motorstorm at this point. If they want to drop prices at this point they should focus on their blu ray players and drop prices on the ps3 when there are actually fresh games to take advantage of. The only game i can really recommend right now would have to be warhawk and unreal. The other games have already lost their flavour and are already old games in my opinion. The hype behind the rest is gone but unreal and warhawk are games that remain fresh regardless

TheExecutive4663d ago

I dont think its a mistake. It really doesnt matter when they give a price drop as long as its established before MS can get theres out. If its 299 well before GTA and MGS so be it, its still 299 no matter when you get it. THis would effectively take the wind out of MS's own price drop.

mikeslemonade4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

PS3 will atleast match the 360 North America sales because it's always been known that if the PS3 launched at the same price as the 360 the PS3 would beat it without any question. If I were making the decisions the price drop have been in conjunction with GTA4 and not MGS4. MGS4 is a hardcore game so no matter what people will buy the system for MGS4. Now with GTA4 is like Madden it's for both systems and there is good amount of casual gamers that buy GTA.

The PS3 hardware is also being made closely by Sony so this means good hardware and faster price drops.

edit: The slickdeals thread is from 1/2/08 to 1/9/08 so it's a old thread. It is prove however that Sony will drop the price pretty soon if bestbuy can take it down to $300 for that short amount of time.

zane_78494663d ago

@ Sonarus
So I'm guessing we're just pretending like Ratchet & Clank Future, Heavenly Sword,GHIII, Call of Duty 4, Folklore, Skate, Rock Band, Orange Box, Uncharted,Assassins Creed,Burnout Paradise, and more never happened? You have to remember not every consumer has or wants a 360 at this point. There will always be different advantages for dropping the price at different points, but now is a good time to drop it as well. There are a ton of people already commenting yes I will buy a PS3 if this happens. Then there will be the hold outs beyond that, that buy one when a bigger series game comes out. Why not have a higher interest in the console now, and later?

They have huge growth in Blu-Ray at the moment and PS3 is a great package to sell consumers a Blu-Ray player in. We haven't seen any price movement with the PS2 like rumored, so a PS3 pricedrop could come instead of that.

crck4663d ago

Dropping the price this often and early probably won't help them much with out the release of big name titles. And may in fact leave a negative image among casuals. I know when I told a couple of my friends about the first price drop their reaction was something like "already? oh well its only going to get cheaper I guess. I'll wait until FF13 comes out." Its not really the price. Its the big name games or lack there of.

lawman11084663d ago

"They said that the 40GB is $299, but you have to buy a $999.00 TV"

Wow, what a deal, $1,300 bucks for a 40gb PS3 where do I sign up?

erx34663d ago

@ Sonarus & crck

Resistance:FOM and Motorstorm weren't "old" games for me when I bought my PS3 back in July. There are plenty of games out right now to keep any gamer busy until MGS4 and GTA4 come out.

If anything Sony would be smart to drop the price right now. If I didn't have one already I'd get one immediately. I'd buy a couple of games to play while I wait for those two games to drop. You'd at least increase sales on current games. You wouldn't necessarily get the same effect if the price was dropped at the release of MGS4 and GTA4. Some may not have the money for the extra games and others just won't have the time.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

a $299 ps3 would be destructive.



you said it i found it.

your offically.........MR.CLEO

edit: it MUST be. lol.

keep`em coming. relax. and think. lol

jcgamer4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

MEGATON...'s in the Tarot Cards!

shotputking4663d ago

could this be the result of stocking up too many for christmas, and now trying to desperately sell them off? or maybe making way for the white ps3s? there has been an official denial of a price drop, it is only at this store, and i can't imagine all best buys have "pallets" of ps3s in store... hopefully this best buy just knows something the rest of us don't.

bruiser814663d ago

well if you think about it, sony has denied every price drop and even the 40gig sku. So i take that official denial with a grain of salt, it may not happen next week but it will happen eventually. Personally i think they should wait and counter MS when and if they do a price drop.

waltercross4663d ago

They should do the price drop world wide, beat MS to the punch, and makes the PS3 even more competitive.

PS3 already has a game library, no idea why "some" people think that the PS3 is practically gameless.

TwissT4663d ago

Holy Crap that is an amazing bargin. I bet this will move consoles.

Daishi4663d ago

During Christmas didn't they have a bargin if you bought a Sony HD tv with suround sound you got a PS3 for free? Well the bundle was over $3000 if I remember so it's hardly free. But who really wants the 40gb anyway, everyone I know has a 60 or 80.

kevoncox4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

It's fake. The recipt was from the 1/02/08. Lets think about that for a second. The sterling best buy don't ever have manager specials. have you ever heard of a best buy having a manger special?

Manger wakes up...
"you know what we are making appx 50.00 on each console sold..I feel like losing money today."

No need to call
Best buy is not in the market of losing money. Have you ever seen a major retailor sell a console for $100.00 dollars cheaper?

Did you call or are you just being a arsehole?

Let me know the time and place...
Can you get to reston towne centre. I'll meet you there at 8.
Send me a pm so we can get this popping.
I'll be the talk black guy kicking your arse.

Back to your point. Stores don't sell consoles for 100.00 off at a whim. It just doesn't happen. Especially a franchise like best buy. Sorry! I really hope the ps3 hits 299

Anego Montoya FTMFW4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

or are you just being a HATER again?

edit: i don`t live in VA, i`m not calling LONG DISTANCE!

moolox4663d ago

they had one on xmas eve as jesus was born in one

Jandre024663d ago

Its true, but this guy fears PS3 domination.

Your a loser buddy.Your just mad the Xbox360 has nothing good left in store

Kleptic4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

uh..I used to work at a best buy in State College PA...and there would be weekly "store specific specials" all the time...meaning the specials that they had were only at that specific store...

they didn't call them "manager specials"...I think that is just sort of the retail nickname for stuff like this...but things like this happen regularly at all kinds of nation-wide businesses...

Edit: just checked...the local best buy that I used to work at has a store specific Sony DSC W80 bundle available...the digital camera is bundled with a 4 gig MSPD card, has a carrying case, and an HD TV hook-up stand...right on the flyer it says "in store, this address, this week....only"...

kevoncox4663d ago

Sony DSC camera isn't a ps3. This sort of special never applies to consoles. Keppt trying. The reason retail stores are able to give out store specials( they are actually regional specials check the stores around you) is due to the low cost they purchse the items for and the high price they sell them for. Consoles are not major revenue drivers for stores as they are typically selling them for a little bit more than they are buying them for. Managers specials for cosnoles don't exsist....

sony has an on going " special for certain stores that if you buy a SONY HDTV and bundle it with a SONY PS3... you will save about 200.00... But you have to spend about 1999.99 to do so....

Face it if you want to.... but i really can't believe you compared a Sony camera to a PS3.

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