Sony denies Feb release date for Euro DualShock 3

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has told today that a February 1 release date for the DualShock 3 PS3 controller is not confirmed. The new controller, which brings back the rumble missing in the Sixaxis pad, is listed on UK retailer, with a February 1 release date.

"We haven't had any release date confirmed at the moment," said a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe spokesperson. "Retailers regularly make up release dates to get pre-orders and gauge interest etc."

The DualShock 3 was released in Japan back in November 2007, with the new rumble-equipped peripheral pencilled in for a spring launch across North America and Europe.

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fenderputty4661d ago

I want another controller or two and don't want to buy them without rumble.

n_n4661d ago

i've got my DS3 already... to be honest it's over-rated (rumble) i hardly notice that it's there sometimes. not really needed at all but it should shut up the whiners though

fenderputty4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

for certain games it's nice. I like racing games with rumble. FPS are nice too. It helps alert when you're being shot from behind. Yes ... it is nice that it's coming to shut some people up.

lawman11084661d ago

Now you guys know how we 360 owners feel when we have to pay for every add-on but blame Sony they were the ones who called rumble "last gen" games $UCK without it. Now I will have to start Fall of man over.

Bleucrunch4661d ago

I dont really care for the rumble and I like that fact that the controller is light as well. This will definitely shut the whinners and get back to the more important things and that is gaming.

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InYourMom4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

They have to debunk at least 1 rumor a week because their fanboys are rabid liars who grasp at anything and try and turn it into fact.

PS: Already have my DS3, imported from Japan.

EDIT: @2.1 - At least we agree on one thing. haha And yes, I think you are a stupid Sony douchebag shill as well.

liquidsnake4661d ago

much as I think you are one of the biggest cunts on this site, I have to agree that Sony fans are making up waay to many promises which isn't even officially announced by Sony.

BrianC62344661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

These rumors aren't started by fanboys. Most are posted on websites. Unless you mean those people are fanboys. This isn't just a Sony problem though. It's a problem for everything now. That's the Web for you.

heyheyhey4661d ago

"grasp at anything and try to turn it into fact"

MGS4 rumor mean anything to you? remember the one where xbots made-up a phony Konami letter and tried to convince people that a 360 version of MGS4 had been confirmed?

everyone does it- including you

BulletBtweenUrEyes4661d ago

I just got my DS3 yesterday, imported from Japan. Didn't realize how much i missed it til i fired it up. It feels way better than the sixaxis, which now feels like a cheap knock off controller. If you own a PS3, you gotta get this.

BrianC62344661d ago

What's the big holdup on this controller? If you can release it in Japan you can release it everywhere. I don't understand this huge delay. November in Japan. Spring everywhere else. Come on Sony, just get it out.

n_n4661d ago

it needs to pass regulations and all that crap

diatom4661d ago

Just got my White Dual Shock 3 in the mail from Hong Kong today (I picked the different color so I know to give the black one to my guests/family). I think the import was cheaper then what the thing will cost when it is eventually released here in Ireland...

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