Manchester United's move into mobile gaming is a winner

Manchester United has signed a deal to produce six mobile phone games based on the megabucks club - and it's got to be a good forward-thinking move for a side with such a wide-ranging reach.

Teaming up with an Indian firm called Jump Games, the £3 titles will be a mixture of puzzles and ball skill-style efforts with the first out in April as a brain-busting word quiz.

It'll use phrases associated with Man U, presumably the likes of trophies, pizza and karate kicks, that players will have to find on grids. It sounds the right kind of thing for a portable game and the association with the Premier League champions is sure to see it sell well.

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resistance1004656d ago

nice being a Man Utd fan, im more than interested. Moblie phone gaming is getting better =D

predator4656d ago

There's only one United!!!!!!!!!!!!!

resistance1004656d ago

Glory Glory Man Utd, Glory Glory Man Utd, Glory Glory Man Utd and the Reds go Marching On! On! On!


Mcrmarcher4656d ago


blacsheep4656d ago

go ronaldo,rooney tevez!

new boy anderson reminds me of paul scholes soo much,amazing player at such a young age!

premiership 2008 will be ours maybe even champs league aswell