20 hi-res Just Cause 2 shots

See the twenty new Just Cause 2 screenshots in full resolution.


Damn, the shots were taken off, guess they are intended for print-usage only :(

I hope somebody saved them, please post a link in the forum/msg me and I'll add it to the news

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Jamegohanssj54663d ago

FPS? Multi platform? I really don't care, but nice try.

dhammalama4663d ago

I like the particle effects, especially the plume from the RPG.

Xeikon4663d ago

Looks pretty nice! vegetation looks good!

mesh14663d ago

mighty fan boy ITS NOT PS3 exclusive

Lord Cheese4663d ago

i quite liked the original - it was like gta on cheesy hollywood steroids - hope the next one gets a bit more variety in there!

ygxbrayzie4663d ago

wow really nice smoke effect on that rpg

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