Revamped Game Head Debuts Friday

Spike TV's Game Head will officially become "GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley" this week.

The re-launch of the weekly magazine-style TV show and the adoption of the GameTrailers name links the show more closely with its popular online counterpart, The new format arrives with the show's fifth season, premiering on Friday, January 25.

Longtime games journo Keighley will host GameTrailers TV and serve as executive producer. He'll be creating on-air programming, consult on the Spike TV Video Game Awards show and be an all-around host/go-to guy for videogames.

Keighley will continue to host and produce the Bonus Round roundtable on

"It has long been my hope to sign Geoff to a larger overall deal so we can make better use of his talents across all of our properties," said Jon Slusser, SVP of Spike Digital and videogames.

G4 TV's longtime videogame TV show X-Play also recently underwent a format change, moving to a five-days-a-week schedule with half-hour segments.

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Maddens Raiders4663d ago

I want to throw up in my mouth. What a bought and paid for corporate pawn.