Age of Conan Class and Raid Interview with Designer Evan Michaels

Questions by Cody "Micajah" Bye, Managing Edtior
Answers by Evan Michaels, Designer for Age of Conan

Arguably, the most important aspect of any massively multiplayer online game is the player's relationship with their character. Through thought provoking gameplay or solid balancing, every gamer should have the opportunity to love the class that he or she plays.

Evan Michaels is one of the group of individuals responsible for making the classes in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures fun for players of the game. While we were in Oslo, the Ten Ton Hammer staff sat down with Evan to discuss a few of the more intriguing problems faced in MMOGs today and how AoC is dealing with them. His answers are quite candid, and his enthusiasm for building these classes is really apparent.

Although time ran out before he could answer all of the questions (sorry mages and rogues), the information that he does present is important for each class in some way or another. Enjoy!

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