First image of EyeToy for PlayStation 3

Here the very first image of EyeToy for PlayStation 3.

Image taken from german site

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M3RCUTIO5844d ago

but that thing looks like it could double as an electric razor. Again, my comments have nothing to do with how well this thing will work or be integrated with the PS3, but from an aesthetics perspective, it's not all that comely.

BIadestarX5844d ago

Now the grill is complete. Now you can flip burgers with style! Thank you Sony!

Siesser5844d ago

I'm assuming that the "grilled" front is indicative of some built in microphone or speaker. If not, then it's an odd design choice, I think, given how they focused on making the console so smooth and seamless and shiny.

bizzy125844d ago

it gonna be wireless becouse ps3 doesent have any head set and where is you gonna hook it up at

M3RCUTIO5844d ago

I really hope you're joking.

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The story is too old to be commented.