Confirmed: Far Cry 2 will not be PS3 exclusive

Ubisoft has confirmed to that upcoming FPS Far Cry 2 will not be a PS3 console exclusive, as previously rumoured.

Internet reports had suggested the Xbox 360 version of the game had been canned when website noticed UK retailer GAME had removed it from its listings, leaving only the PS3 and PC versions.

The spokesperson said: "We announced Far Cry 2 initially for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and that's how it stands."

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X_GAMER_X4663d ago

I was abour to post it :)
Good job ;)

PStriple7034663d ago

don't care we got haze,unreal,RFOm2, and KZ2

X_GAMER_X4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

So u just went into this post, read the article and write your opinion that u dont care?
THe last rumor about the game going ps3 exclusive was on fire.
All u fanboys were making statement and predicting the future about the360 s or how it can't handle it.

ANd suddenly one of them shows here and says I dont care.
Stop acting like fanboys and enjoy ur games and consoles.
This site make me sick

castags4663d ago

if this site makes you sick why are YOU here??

Iron Man 24663d ago

I agree PStriple703,Who care's,Far Cry 2 is best on PC anyways and we PS3 owners get all the best games in 2008;)

I'll be getting this for either my PC or my PS3

Maldread4663d ago

I don`t think so, because of the reasons i listed here :

I just hope the console versions measure up. The game does look interesting.

zambrota4663d ago

EA and UBI dont usually make exclusive games

Maldread4662d ago

Yeah that was my point too ;)

no_more_heroes4662d ago

the name is spelled with two "t"s. :p

Violater4663d ago

Which insane fanboy is stars these rumors seriously?

Panthers4663d ago

Well the Ubisoft site does not list either console. I thought it became a PC exclusive, so this is good news. I want to play this one on my PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.