Famitsu Reviews DMC4, Disgaea 3, and More

Here is this Week Famitsu Review Scores:

Disgaea 3 8/8/8/8
Need For Speed Prostreet PS2 7/6/6/5
Need For Speed Prostreet Wii 7/6/7/5
Need For Speed Prostreet PS3 8/7/8/6
Devil May Cry 4 PS3 9/9/9/8
Devil May Cry 4 360 9/9/9/8
Sega Rally PS3 7/8/7/9
Sega Rally 360 7/8/7/9
XYANIDE PS2 5/7/5/5
Taiheiyou no Arashi PS2 5/4/4/5
Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi 7/7/8/6
Family Ski Wii 7/9/7/7

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Nicosia4661d ago

Devil May Cry 4 PS3  9/9/9/8
Devil May Cry 4 360  9/9/9/8


mesh14661d ago

famitsu is a garnage site its sooooo pro japanese games that it becominga joke all hyped japanese games get high score i dont have to tell you this check their track record dmc4 has nothing new its just like playing dmc1 this site is biased

Iamback4661d ago

How can you know? Have you played game from start to finish`? No so stop bit.....

TheHater4661d ago

So when European/American Site, and Magazine are promoting and praising Western game, there is not problem with that? Cut the Bullsh!t out, and stop b!tching. Japanese Gaming site or Magazine don't own Western Gamers anything, and they are review games base on what they like, and what they think is fun.

daous4661d ago

You are an ignorant person, who fails to do his research before making accusations at a group of people.

For your information, Famitsu gave Halo 2 and Halo 3 roughly 38 or 39 out of 40 for their reviews. HOW is that being anti-Western gaming? Elders Scroll IV: Oblivion also scored extremely high, as well as Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando (for PS2). So clearly you haven't done your research.

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gunnerforlife4661d ago

o baby a cant wait for this game:D aint gone be on ma comp for a month:D

Luca Blight4661d ago

8, 8, 8, 8 - sounds good to me. All those NIS games are life-killers.

resistance1004661d ago

OMG how on earth did i forget about Disgaea 3, i love NIS games ^_^

Any ideas of when it will get a UK/US release?

Darkiewonder4661d ago

or later. but definitely coming out this year. That's my guess.

KillaManiac4661d ago

Devil May Cry and Disgaea are both 1st day buys for me.

I hope Disgaea comes out soon...the 1st 2 were so awsome...especially the first one (it got me to buy it on PSP also! :D)

Double-Edged4661d ago

a PS3 AAA exclusive title.

but anywho.
This is definatly worth buying at the USED section of EBgames.

Iron Man 24661d ago

Oh whatever,just be happy your even getting the damn game,anyways good scores,I can't wait to pick up DMC4 nect month!;)

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The story is too old to be commented.