Rumors Galore: Bond Returns, Far Cry 2, GTA V. PS3 Exclusives?

What better time of year than to reveal a horde of rumors? This latest batch has been circulating through a number of sources online, and while not a one can be considered truth, all can be considered intriguing.

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green4663d ago

Rumors 4 gamers.How many in less that a week are we supposed to swallow before they get debunked as usual?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4663d ago

i love people who come here just to complain.

there is a MILLION other places, find one filled w/ a bunch of people who complain as much as you.

decapitator4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

This will indeed good news for Ps3 owners. Am very interested in seeing a GTA game that fully utilizes the PS3 hardware. Of course these are just rumors I will wait for something official.

jessupj4663d ago

Couldn't agree more. That would be really nice

demolitionX4663d ago

and it's confirmed by both Sony and rockstar, but is it GTA5? mmmmm not sure, but rockstar should as they said they want to unleash the cell+BD power in a new IP for sony. Rockstar is a good friend to PS brand, end of story!

liquidsnake4663d ago

Well we know that L.A Noire is a Ps3 exclusive game, but there is like 2 more unannounced Rockstar Ps3 exclusive games as well,

bozobucketeer4663d ago

I thought they said LA Noire wasn't exclusive. Maybe that was just another rumor. I can't even keep track anymore.

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Says you4663d ago

I'm going to go insane just tell which one is exclusives and which one is not! !OK! instead of beating around the bush!.

theDuke4663d ago

but we better wait till all of these are official...

Jamegohanssj54663d ago

I heard about GTA V being exclusive from that magazine in like September or October. If it's true then that's good game for Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.