Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter to Receive Multiplayer Update

Multiplayer Title Update #2 Q and A with Christian Allen.

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Dusk5844d ago

I'm still waiting, however, for them to drop the price of Chapter 2. It this point, I still think it's a rip off.

TheMART5844d ago

"The Title Update is focused on functionality and game improvements, and aside from new Achievements, doesn’t include content like a Downloadable Content package does. The Title Update will be free for all users, and will automatically install when you connect to Live."

Nice. They keep improving the game. On of the must haves on 360 for sure! Even if you are a real shooter fan, like me, you'll enjoy for sure! It'll immediately catch your attention and because it's not a run-and-shoot type of game this needs more skills to complete it.

Gimme the updates and new stuff!

PS360PCROCKS5844d ago

Yeah for sure I tried to run in this game you get shot down in no time, the first month of this game was frustrating but once I learned everything and stuff I could go full levels with taking no hits

bizzy125844d ago

it would be cool if they add face maping and live vid feed with that update and couple new indoor maps i want the shotgun aided and the nife for close combate

M3RCUTIO5844d ago

I'm glad they're adding more Achievements. I was pretty let-down by the fact that Chapter 2 didn't come with any new ones. I'd still like a firm date for when they're looking to deploy this. September is just about over...