Capcom ‘really’ wants to sell you Resident Evil 6

Making video games in today’s market is a big risk. Making anything in today’s market is a big risk. Developers and publishers of all sizes put forth countless hours and capital to put out a product it hopes that gamers everywhere will enjoy.

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Agent Smith2685d ago

"Capcom ‘really’ wants your money"

fixed that for ya

PoSTedUP2685d ago

i kinda blame the fans for this abomination. we were bitching and complaining that you couldn't run and gun, now they threw the whole modernized package at us. we are hard to please and that's the bottom line.

-GametimeUK-2685d ago

I was happy with the stationary shooting. It just worked hand in hand with the enemy AI. There was actually no need in being able to run and gun. Whoever thought "I need to be able to move whilst shooting in this game" really doesn't understand that the game mechanics are that way for a reason. The enemy AI run up to you then slow down whilst you aim. Because you can't move and have enemies in your face it creates the tense feeling. May not be realistic, but it made the game fun.

Tdmd2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

You could walk and aim in dead space 1 and it was just what everyone wanted from Resident Evil - dark, moody, scary, lonely. Nobody asked for huge explosions, cover shooting and roundhouse kicks...

Denethor_II2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

@Dmd agreed. If DS made you conserve ammo and health then it would be awesome.

JAM_brz2684d ago


This is true, I saved so much bullet that in the end of the game I had an arsenal at hand. Could enter in the 3rd world war that I would win.

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VanillaBear2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

So true

You should see it on Facebook, they seem to be really desperate to sell the game

Posting screenshots and then BS captions. Like one recently which had Leon and Helena shooting

"Bullets fly, but ammo conservation is key in Resident Evil 6. You'll run out quick if you get trigger happy..."

I mean like thats REALLY going to happen, trying to make it sound like it's like the first game. I bet you could be trigger happy throughout the whole game and you would still have a ton of ammo by the end of a chapter.

Readig the comments though poeple are actually falling for it, the amount of times I've seen

"It's going to be a survival horror again, THANK YOU Capcom"........COME ON GUYS

abzdine2685d ago

I really want gamers to boycott this s'''

Tdmd2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

What really annoys me is that gamers want to have a voice in this industry but they keep supporting all the things that they complain about.

abzdine2684d ago

People have to know that THEY have full power. If they want to change something they boycott it they show their disagreement and things will change NO DOUBT !
I only bought Code: Veronica on PSN this gen from them cause for me that's THE resident evil and the rest preowned.

123_3212685d ago

Well i'm 'really' not going to buy that fucked up shit.

TitanUp2684d ago

dude your supposed to set an example for the children you are the greenranger.

anyways of course capcom wants people to buy their game. they don't want to put money into and it not sell that is why they are marketing the game.

is the game good? thats another story i haven't played it but the things i have seen on it i probably wont play the game.

SephirothX212685d ago

Not buying it. I want a proper Resident Evil game.

Styxoric2685d ago

Yeah i'm not getting it either. Build a proper Resident Evil and you have my money.

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The story is too old to be commented.