What Are This Generation's Truly Memorable Video Games?

If you had a crystal ball and looked far into the future, which games from this generation would get you all teary-eyed? Which will stick and endure?

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DrRobotnik2690d ago

ಠ_ಠ....Angry Birds? Sadly this generation is not Memorable.

moeqawama2690d ago

As many amazing games I have played this generation across all three consoles, which I'm grateful for, I don't think any game has ever captivated me like bioshock... That was just an incredible experience

karlowma2690d ago

Off the top of my head...

I will remember fighting back tears reading the emotionally charged short stories in Lost Odyssey, losing myself in the incredibly unique and immersive city of Rapture in Bioshock, gaping in awe at the technically impressive and masterfully cinematic Uncharted 2, and the feeling of wonder and discovery exploring the sand and snow of Journey.

Oh, and I'll remember the zombie apocalypse.

joab7772690d ago

Wow. I agree. I lobed lost Odyssey short stories. My favorite is bioshock, maybe of all time. Fallout 3 was amazing too. My others are uncharted 2, Deus ex: HR, Valkyria Chronicles, Mass Effect 1, killzone 2, little big planet, Batman, dead space 1, and skyrim (though I am having more fun with dragons dogma). For me it's the huge open world of skyrim that will stand in this Gen. Oh, and red dead redemption. But, bioshock, mass effect, fallout 3 and uncharted 2 will be the face. Though, it isn't over and a few may be the Ff12 and GoW2 of last Gen.

mayberry2690d ago

Little Big Planet 1/2
Killzone 2/3
fallout 3
cool games galore!

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