Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review: No amount of heavy armor saves this one | OXCGN


"I’ll start with the good bits of the game because I don’t think it will take me very long at all.

The cutscenes are visually pleasing…

Ok, that about sums it up for the good, now on to the bad."

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gaminoz2687d ago

It kind of looked like it would be fun, but holy crap have they made it harder than it had to be to have fun!

BadCircuit2687d ago

Wow that's a low score...Kinect game with tanks doing that badly. Wouldn't have thought

gaminoz2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I actually have played a bunch of games that probably barely got a look (Puss in Boots, Seasame Street) that were great fun on Kinect.

Kinect Fruit Ninja is awesome.

I've not played a single game on Move that I've enjoyed (though I admit there weren't many I've tried...)

Eske2686d ago

Ouch. What a shame...the premise actually sounds pretty interesting. Pity that technical issues ruin the experience.

Belgavion2686d ago

Add it to the Kinect Katastrophe pile