New PlayStation Vita Spot Has Foreigner With Strange Name

In Sony's latest PlayStation Vita commercial spot, students in a class are introduced to a new transfer student with a strange name: "Perumetalpawaberamiku.&q uot; This name is apparently constructed from PlayStation Vita's big summer hits.

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Jio2687d ago

Sony makes great hardware, but they really need to fire the people in charge of marketing. Except for the guys that made the Kevin Butler commercials, just put them in charge.

sinncross2686d ago

I think people need to understand that Japanese marketing is completely different to US marketing.

This trailer is not even weird by current trends in Japan.

Patriots_Pride2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

WTF Sony.

Just show the games for crying out loud or make a commercial that actually makes sense or is funny.

Even Nintendo who is suppose to be a family company makes better commercials.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2687d ago

It's Japan. What's funny to us isn't always funny to them. And vice versa.

Patriots_Pride2687d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

How can that Sony commercial be entertaining or funny to anyone? It was just some bald head German dude walking in a class room and bowing - do i feel like picking up a VITA after seeing that...NO.

I dont care where your from but that commercial was lame.

mafiahajeri2686d ago

Well I'm not from the us and ive been going to movies here in the us the last one being Ted and damn the people were laughing at such lame things I mean not haha laughing they were going berserk clapping and such, but that brings me to your point because the most of the stuff I found funny they didn't laugh at...

morganfell2686d ago

Well Patriots it's called a target demographic commercial. Maybe you missed the part where it wasn't intended for western audiences. Maybe you thought your computer was malfunctioning when it was really just people speaking Japanese.

You would be surprised at the commercials in the US that seem like absolute nonsense to Japanese audiences. Wait, were you thinking you were the only person in the world again?

Qrphe2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Cultural differences, plain and simple

You're obviously not the target market of said commercial

MasterCornholio2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Comparing a Canadian Nintendo commercial to a Japanese Sony commercial. Nice try troll but they are two very different markets which is why the ads are so different from each other. Now take a look at this ad from Nintendo for Japan and I believe that everyone will agree with me that it's a very strange one.

By the way Sony is famous for making some very good ads such as the Kevin Butler ones and the extremely famous Michael ad.

Edit: I do agree with everyone that Sony needs to do a better job at marketing the Vita in the west though. This holiday season Sony better create some amazing Vita or else they won't be able to sell those sweet bundles that they made.


GodHandDee2687d ago

Well, you certainly remember that one so I guess it works?

Tuxedo_Mask2686d ago

Konami really needs to bring Pawa Puros back to the US and make a new Goemon game while they're at it.

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