Xbox 720 to use Windows 8?

By the time the Xbox 720 is released, Windows 8 will be on many platforms such as phones, PCs and tablets. Windows 8 could be the OS for the 720 with a few adjustments.

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shackdaddy2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

God, I hate that Metro look. It's probably the ugliest UI I've ever seen in my life...

3GenGames2690d ago

You're getting disagrees? What a shame, people are complete nincompoops.

gamer78042690d ago

You realize its customizable, this is like looking at the default windows xp theme.

nukeitall2690d ago

I love Metro UI! It actually efficiently uses the space in a minimalistic fashion. Easy to read, find and very efficient at spotting important information.

The awesomeness comes to full fruition when you customize the screen to your liking. It's like iGoogle, but it actually works well!

My only complaint? To some degree, I have to re-learn the UI.

aviator1892690d ago

People are nincompoops because they have opinions that differ from yours??

princejb1342690d ago

Most likely the next Xbox will have metro since it seems that's the direction MS is heading with all their products(phones, tablets, operating system for pc)

Ravenor2690d ago

It looks fine on a tablet or phone, absolutely hideous in the context of a desktop or laptop.

3GenGames2690d ago

That's exactly it. Tablet it'd be okay, but a desktop needs a OS with, well, a DESKTOP. Look at what Ubuntu users did when Unity came about, they jumped ship and slammed it so badly they had to put GNOME back in it. But not with Windows it won't happen, most users just sit down without even knowing what the OS is and just click things and say "Ooo, it's different, neat!" instead of choosing the one that is logical for getting stuff done.

IHateYouFanboys2690d ago

"That's exactly it. Tablet it'd be okay, but a desktop needs a OS with, well, a DESKTOP."

good thing windows 8 has a desktop, just like windows 7 lol.

the metro interface is the start screen, nothing more. press the windows button and you go straight back to the regular old desktop.

nukeitall2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

The only real change for desktop users is the new start screen instead of the start bar if you want to ignore Metro all together, but why would you?

The start screen is vastly more useful than the start bar, that was cluttered with crap when apps were installed.

Searching would give you irrelevant content, and navigating the bar was tiresome. Now, I just hit Windows Key (like I used to), type in the search and optionally choose one of the filters. Instant access!

Also, you have to learn to use the taskbar pinning feature. With that you can bypass the Start Screen altogether!

NoFanboyRequired2690d ago

Its not hard to switch it back to the original desktop. So no need for people to complain lol.

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Hufandpuf2690d ago

of course it will use windows 8 -_-

Journalists these days...

greenpowerz2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

The new xbox 8 domains point to a specialized hybrid windows 8 OS for the 720(leaked documents say this about the 720 by "code name" )

The leaked docs suggests MS adopted the place holder name for the new xbox, made up by gamers and media as the code name for the new xbox(The documents called the new console the 720' resulting in people thinking the docs were fake due to the made up generic name. The new xbox 8 domains IMO have to do with the OS on the "720" and not the name of the console.

The name of the new xbox will have meaning/symbolic.Names like ***Xbox Optus***(connected, in Latin)

Xbox 8 domains = windows 8 operating system on new xbox utilizing new profile, cloud and various other features on new servers?

XBOX 8 in 2013... Xbox 10 or Xbox 11 in 2023 LMAO brand confusion city...

RXL2690d ago

they should've kept it simple with




etc etc..

or even throw in the roman numerals

bwazy2690d ago

Your originality is astounding.

cstyle2690d ago

and be like sony...nah, they are doing it right by naming it something else. Sony should do the same. Playstation 4 sounds kinda awkward.

secretcode2690d ago

I still jokingly think that calling it "Xbox 8" is cheating. "No yeah, Xboxes 3-7 happened. You guys just weren't paying attention."

greenpowerz2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I think they"ll keep the symbolic names with this product line, like MSFT Surface tablets. Other Products from MSFT need consumer awarness Like Windows Phones advertising OS generation Like Windows Phone 7 and Windows phone 8. Consoles don't change generations as fast and the market is not crowed.

With PC's MSFT needs to keep up with ever changing PC tech/hardware while staying on top of the PC software market, numbering the OS generations was probably seen as simple and more effective for consumers to understand, with their wallets of course(could be someone under a rock that doesn't know if Vista came before or after XP, no missing out on money with numbers.

No FanS Land2690d ago

yeah but on a marketing standpoint sony would have won this gen long ago then since it would have created a battle between the Xbox 2 and PS3. For the uninformed parents and casual gamers, the fact that playstation had the number 3 would feel superior to 2.

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ALLWRONG2690d ago

I'm sure it will be integrated.

Gamer-Z2690d ago

Isn't the 360 dashboard kinda like this already

WitWolfy2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

They transform to a new NXE dash every year! Not to complain but can we just stay at ONE dash lol

Every time I get used to the current dash MS goes and changes it...


Telepot2690d ago

Read the full article, yes, the ui is like this already however it's not a specific is, it's an edit of god knows what.

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