Interview with Krysti Pryde from The Tester

Krysti Pryde, gamer and Tester season 3 runner up, talks Girl Gamers, Feminism, Tats, and TV

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Bimkoblerutso2686d ago

Man, such an insightful interview. I never would have imagined that an interview with a girl gamer would cover the topics of...girl gamers and feminism.

archemides5182686d ago

what she probably doesn't realize is that "being treated equally" as men means being treated like you aren't worth crap.

Patriots_Pride2686d ago

Why would you mess up ur purty skin like that : (

spicelicka2686d ago

kind of a turn off:(
but she's cool

AKS2686d ago

Her skin still looks purty to me. I think she's very attractive, and I don't think everyone has to have the same style or look. She looks great.

HebrewHammer2686d ago

I love Krysti. She's the absolute best.

Ramas2686d ago

shes not atractive at all :/