Fantastic Battlefield 3 Montage shows off incredible skills and mind-blowing kills

DSOGaming writes: "We have to agree on something – some players are better skilled than others. And even though some of us are really cocky about their BF3 experiences, we have to bow and give our respects to some other players. So, YouTube’s member ‘BF3Cayin’ has created an amazing BF3 montage with over 5 minutes of pure pwnage. It looks fantastic so go ahead and enjoy the video. As a bonus, we decided to also include BF3Cayin’s earlier montage video that was released back in June!"

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pandehz2695d ago

Somehow it seems like a trajectory hack or something

If not then its just bloody awesome

r2kcipher2695d ago

the worst song in the history of songs.

conjurdevil2695d ago

3:51 to 3:55 hacking much? a tank takes way more longer to reload the shell as you can see after 3:55 it doesnt instantly reload but at 3:53 its instant 2 shots.

SubZeroMaster2695d ago

ping was 350+ up loader has in it the video description

no hax here

r2kcipher2695d ago

look at the reticule change. he switched to the canister shell. if you shoot the main gun then switch to the canister you get a double shot. go try it.

Dovahkiin2695d ago

I'm sure after hundreds of games, anyone who tried could put together a montage like this. Neither incredible nor mind-blowing.

Awful music, too.

MiamiACR212694d ago

Music aside, you shouldn't make anything negative about his skill. The average player would most likely not be able to pull off some of these moves without long hours of practice. The average player amidst your obvious jealousy, being you.

2695d ago
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