inFamous 2 review - Awesome/10

Open world sandbox games are a dime a dozen in the modern gaming market, but the good ones are few and far between. Decent free roaming superhero games are even rarer, so it's no surprise that InFamous 2 has received such an enthusiastic reception from gamers. Liam Dean delves deep into the split morality system of InFamous 2, and muses upon whether or not it is better to provide gamers with a well developed playground, or a satisfying story line.

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sorceror1712686d ago

I still fire this up from time to time it's just plain *fun*.

RXL2686d ago

it's about time someone reviewed this game.

Ilovetheps52686d ago

This game was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the first one more for some reason, but the second one definitely gave me a lot of hours of fun. Something is just enjoyable about running around randomly throwing electric grenades at people.

JewyMcJew2686d ago

I think its the additional melee combat in the sequel that throws it off. Too bad though, because it is such a beautiful upgrade!

I do agree with many that the Infamous series is hands down the most "Fun" you can have in a video game. I pray their is a third! (or at least more dlc... just no zombies!)

h311rais3r2686d ago

I personally didn't enjoy either of them but more power to those that do

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