Sony Purchase Of Gaikai Gives Hint At PS4 Plans

New York (ChatterShmatter) – Sony has confirmed that they have purchased a cloud gaming service by the name of Gaikai, giving a hint at what they are planning for the upcoming Sony PS4.

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JBSleek2691d ago

Too many of these articles.

1. Yes Sony stated they will back catalouge their PS1+PS2 titles.

2. This doesn't solve BC it is a work around as you would have to pay for this service.

3. No the internet isn't ready for PS4 caliber games to be streamed, if at most it would be an option.

4. No Microsoft will most likely not buy Onlive.

5. Yes it was a smart move by Sony.

SnakeCQC2691d ago

i bet from now on they are going to allow bc if you want to pay for it via cloud gaming

DivineAssault 2691d ago

umm thats a no brainer.. PS4 will have many options for its games, music, & movies... it will begin the transition into the future where ALL gaming will be cloud based (2025 or so) the whole gaikai thing isnt going to be forced onto its customers so i dont see why ppl are bitching about it.. Not everyone has internet so sony isnt going to just abandon them.. Physical, digital, & streaming distribution of media..

Cra2yey32691d ago

I still have a bunch a ps1 and ps2 disc games so they should just allow for backwards capability again and not make us pay for this shit again. Dammit!

thebudgetgamer2691d ago

Or you can go out and buy a PS2 for like thirty bucks.