100Mbit/s broadband soon to reach UK homes writes:

"23 Jan 2008 10:57 GMT
For too long, other nations have enjoyed faster broadband speeds than the UK. But now it seems 100Mbit/s broadband isn't that far off - at least for some parts of the UK. The first so-called "fibre town" could go online by the autumn.

The word 'fibre' is the key here; such high speeds require fibre cabling to be laid. The reason for the quick launch date is that fibre firm H20 has come up with a novel way to lay the fibre - in sewers. According to BBC News, the company has already laid some cabling for councils in Bournemouth, Northampton and Dundee, so one of those towns will be selected first."

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VigorousApathy4657d ago

Holy crap. We'd better start installing some 1 Gigabyte connections fast. We can't let those Brits pass us.