Gizmondo: The Legend is Reborn? Rising Again in 2008?

Jan 23rd 2008 - A teaser site for Gizmondo just appeared on the Internet boasting that the "Legend is Reborn." Is it a cruel hoax or a fresh bid to resurrect Gizmondo as the Swedish press claims?

If true, the service is set for a Christmas 2008 launch with the promise of an "Open Source Environment" in the "Gizmondo Live Marketplace" with "Exciting Psychic Worlds" that will "Democratize Gaming" with a supposed $100 device.

Check out the teaser and Swedish press report via Engadget.

Notes: The Gizmondo was a handheld gaming device with GPRS and GPS technology, which was manufactured by Tiger Telematics. Launched in 2005, the Gizmondo sold poorly; by February of 2006, the company discontinued the Gizmondo and was forced into bankruptcy.

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mistertwoturbo4665d ago

Uhhh... what is this anyway?

Ben10544665d ago

Hope it does come out again.
i dont know why everybody thinks its crap, it was also in a video of the worst 5 consoles ever made on; and it placed 1st or second
it was a great value for money to 120pounds ( the pound symbol doesnt work on my keyboard lol) and you got a decent camera, mp3 player,video player, GPS, recieve and end text mesages and it had decent games
the only bad thing was it took ages to start up