The Eighth Generation Gamer: An Introduction To A Velocity Gamer Exclusive Series

"Yes, it’s yet another editorial from me. If you follow a lot of my writings on this site, typical, you may say – but this particular editorial just so happens to be an introduction for a new series of written gaming editorials exclusive to Velocity Gamer: The Eighth Generation Gamer, as it is titled. Allow me to elaborate further. It’s no secret that this year, a big part the industry’s attention is seamlessly spiraling into the rapidly approaching gaming phase of the more-than-just-near future. The whole gaming hustle and bustle of 2012 has brought upon us a lot of curiosity and speculation as to how we will transmute into the upcoming period of newer gaming technology, game enhancements and all-round fresh experiences; the eighth generation of gaming.

Basically, The Eighth Generation Gamer will be a regular opinion tidbit on the site..."

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