Yet another Marketplace update! (23rd January 2008) Demo and more have just reminded us that Undertow is now available to download for free until 8am Monday morning (GMT). Theres also a few new releases to the evergrowing marketplace including a demo, gamerpic pack and more.

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socomnick4657d ago

New content almost every day I can imagine how much stuff well get during gdc.

Dmack794657d ago

I love the title. It makes M$ look like a freakin god. which they are not. Nor is Sony or Nintendo.

i Shank u4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

just d/l undertow, pretty tight game and the 16 player online is sweet. then saw Omega Five after, so i d/l it and man that game is the shizZ :) XBLA is doing good, rez and ikargua next for me !

Kwertie4657d ago

Haha, this is typical. MS always shaft their consumers. I give them credit for listening to people who were dissatisfied with the disgraceful Xbox Live service over the Christmas weeks (which kinda rolled into 2 weeks of hit and miss service), but now I find it's another generic shooting game, I am disgusted.

For starters, not everyone likes shooting games. Hard to believe, I know, since that's what 80% of Xbox games are, but I got mine for the few good non shooting games like Forza 2. To this end, I think it would have been more fair to credit everyone with 800 points to spend on what they like. Chances are most Xbox owners have a shooting game of some sort, so they don't necessarily want it either. I would have been really satisfied with a simple game like Puyo Pop, Street Fighter 2 or Golden Axe. Even a week or two Xbox live would have been more appreciated than a game I don't want.