Tales series “special announcement” tomorrow

Namco Bandai is planning a Tales series “special announcement” at the Japan Expo in Paris tomorrow, its YouTube channel is teasing (in silhouette form, via BY2K).

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Agent Smith2685d ago

Xillia coming to murrica!

Relientk772685d ago

That would be amazing

I hope so

Snookies122685d ago

Your murrica made me think of that song on Team America World Police lol...

Kran2685d ago

I wish I knew what you just said there.

Can't blame me for not knowing a franchise.

xtheownerzx2685d ago

I really hope it has to do with something being localized over here.

Qrphe2685d ago

Here hoping for a localization :<

setokaiba2685d ago

tales has had its best gen ever

symphonia 2
xillia 2
mythology 1,2,3

So many rpgs not enough time

chrispen92685d ago

Tales of Xillia 1 and 2 on one disc.

Lovable2685d ago

Oh my gawd!!! I would kiss you if that was true and if you are a girl and pretty...

chrispen92684d ago

Sadly, I am a guy, lol.

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